Hijabies got attitude

I found this on the web somewhere, but I seem to have misplaced the link. If you know where, let me know so I can link back. I just love these photos, showing some real fun, brave sisters 🙂

What do you think about these pictures?

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20 thoughts on “Hijabies got attitude

  1. Yegana says:

    Salam aleykum!

    it’s from flickr 🙂 This sister is one of my contacts there, here’s the link to her page http://www.flickr.com/photos/saracastic

  2. Saliha says:

    Cool. Love the first pic.

  3. ahysa says:

    love em!!! my faves are the first one and last two.
    so cool!!!

  4. Celeritas says:

    Love them, maybe its a music video?

  5. Janan says:

    Dont ask me I’m turkish………….lolololololololol Only n turkiye i say! omg us turks, were nuts

  6. Najm-us-Sahar Imtiaz says:

    cooool ladies……….

  7. MUSLIMAHH says:

    So cute! These photos are from flickr.

  8. ammena says:

    lol.. love em masha’allah!! wonder if theres any more.. if you look back in my blog through my videos tag I have a music video for ‘land called paradise’ which has a similar concept of muslims holding cards saying what they would tell the world if they could. Good inspiration masha’allah

  9. Zakia says:


    haha cutee pics..
    i like the 1st and the last two.. they’re soo pretty..!!>.
    and I love the first girls expressions.. beautiful.. MAHSHALLAH..
    take care


  10. Lena says:

    Really good! Girl power!!!

  11. jessyz says:

    Great girl power!

  12. simplymardy says:

    heyy this reminds me of the “Land of Paradise by Kareem Salama” video! i love it!

  13. aljwhara says:

    Can any one explain to me what do they mean by that?

  14. Ikram says:

    hahaha, i like those pic…so funny!!
    by the way it the first time i visit your blog, and just let me say “tabaraka allah feek” it just amazing!! im an algerian hijabis, so thanks!!

  15. Maria says:

    (Blast from the past much, huh?)
    I love these pictures! THIS is what should be showed when talking about Muslim ladies – that they’re just as full of personality and flair as everyone else on the globe. Go you! I love the personality that shows through in these.

  16. sara says:

    Hi, these are my photos. Thanks for the kind words.
    I’d appreciate it if you linked back to my flickr account

    This particular set can be found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/saracastic/sets/72157604608725463/

  17. maina says:

    nice photos

  18. maria sakha says:

    like all of them nice needs to have attitude….<3

  19. nazneen says:

    asalam walaikum n i m very graceful by those pictures it is the muslim tradition that women have a glow through hijab n by seeing this we must also have itz respect….. 😉

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