Swedish modest runway fashion

This is a Swedish take on the Islamic hijab. Ofcourse it’s not all Islamic and wearable, but still it’s interesting. The show is a part of a research project about Islamic fashion in Europe, and it was held the 1st of October in the Nordic Museum of Stockholm. The designs are of Swedish young designers, and the models were styled by Mejsa Chaaroui, Iman Aldebebe and Karolina Brock.

 All the pictures are taken from this site. I think the upper white headwear is styled in an interesting way.

Yes, I know that some (stupid) people are gonna go ballistic like “THAT IS NOT HIJAB, HOW CAN YOU SHOW THIS”. Well dear (stupid) readers, again I tell you, so maybe you will catch the point this time; This is a fashion blog. I post stuff that is inspired by or bear resemblence to the hijab as a veil. I sometimes post stuff that I myself would never wear, and neither would most hijabis. But inspiration, that is something else, and thats what this site is for. So get over yourself… I will talk more about this issue tomorrow, insha’a Allah.

And besides from these readers, what do you lovely readers think about this? Any style at all? I still think they have a looooong way to go. The style was not very elegant or colorful as I like it, and ofcourse there are so many don’ts to the collections that I haven’t got words. The positive thing is that Europe is starting to notice the “Islamic fashion”. What do you say?

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26 thoughts on “Swedish modest runway fashion

  1. caraboska says:

    What strikes me about this is the vast range of styles represented. Of course, some items would need to be supplemented, but it would be relatively simple. I mean, at least they were aiming to be modest here – they evidently have not taken the view common in non-Islamic fashion that cloting exists to reveal, not to conceal.

    I personally like the outfit in the second row on the left, and for that matter, on the right. The latter is probably the most traditional of the lot, and if you’re looking for something discreet that will cover you and look reasonably elegant, who couldn’t like it? I also like the black-and-white outfit in the fourth row on the left.

    Now what I want to know about the model in the fifth row on the left: am I imagining things, or is that a man wearing a VERY loose interpretation of niqab???

  2. caraboska says:

    Quick PS: Looked at a closeup of that all-white outfit on the web site – designer: Maha Rahmeh. What I want to know is: when is she going to get a web site up so we can see (and maybe buy) more?

  3. All photos are taken by Liliana Camarillo, photo editor of Prendas Públicas.
    The designer Maha Rahmeh is just beginning, it can only contact via mail. If someone wants to reach her, communicate with me Elizabeth Oria, editor of Prendas Públicas.

    Elizabeth Oria

  4. Saliha says:

    I have to admit that I love the all-white outfit very much, it could be a simple but elegant wedding dress.

  5. naeemah says:

    I love the pic in the last row to the left!!! Very cute.

  6. Jules says:

    honestly… they seem to have a good concept… but took it in a kind of freaky direction. It doesn’t feel like any of those would or should be worn on the runway let alone in daily life (except maybe that all white one, for a wedding or something).

  7. eszti says:

    It’s true and I agree, Europe is starting to notice the “Islamic fashion”. I live in Hungary, and now shops and streets are full with beautiful oriental style dresses, galabiyas, turkish style scarfs and I’m very happy for this. I find your posts very inspireing, so thank you for keeping us up to date.

  8. caraboska says:

    Actually, the white outfit is a wedding outfit, according to the web site where all of these pics came from. Unfortunately, the text is in Spanish, but that much I was able to make out…

  9. Kate says:

    I actually dont like anything except the white wedding outfit. The one that looks “ghetto” in the sense is not very attractive. But i like the blue hijab on the top of that outfit. but it’s very interesting! Thanks for posting it 🙂

  10. Kholod says:

    Actually I would not expect anything different from this when it comes to Swedish/Scandinavian design. I don’t think it was meant to be real fashion show as it was more to evoke ideas about hijab at the Swedes and to provoke new impressions about islamic fashion. The show would not be very interesting for the Swedes if only black abayas or dark jilbabs were shown. The majority of us muhajjabat in Europe do not wear long black abayas to work or when we do grocery shopping.
    moreover… doesn’t every and other fashion designer add some wacko twist to some of his/her clothes on the catwalk to express his/her exceptional talent??!! 😉


  11. Muha says:

    That last pic makes me remember the Hadith about women with hair as camelhumps in Jahannam… 😉

    We all know its a fashionblog, and that fashion is as far from islam as one can get, but still, it is correct islamically to say NO, thats not hijab, when something is not, because what IF someone gets an impression that “it is okay as long as I wear a headscarf”… Then the sin is also on the one who gives out that impression.

  12. cecilia says:

    I do not think the design is particularly nice, but it is a good initiative from sweden. I would have gone to the Nordic Museum if I knew that it was an exhibition there.

  13. Some ”stupid” people!??

    This is your culture??

    Becouse is somebody says his opinion,you called him stupid!

    I will be more cultural than toy and don’t you call ”stupid”,but this is not vocabulary for siters in Islam!

  14. basbousa says:

    Stupid is not because people disagree, it’s because they fail to understand the purpose of this blog and ignore what I write time and time again. Stupid are those that keep yelling, even when the people they are yelling against partly disagree…….

  15. Muha says:

    A huge part of our Deen, is Naseeha. Both to give it, and take it, is an obligation, when you see people do something wrong.

  16. zaenab says:

    LOVE the wedding one, hate the ‘gangster’ outfits and eveything else is pretty cool! 🙂

  17. amani says:

    love the whitre wedding dress and i also hate it on my blogs or polyvore setz when people nag me telling me its not hijab cant peopple mind their own buisness

  18. Bravo alejki Basbousa…
    Jazakillahu khajren
    Rabbena meaki ja habibti!

  19. Thanks…

    But,this is happened when Egyptian girl see world …

  20. basbousa says:

    Bosnian Hijab Girl, You should know that much of what you say is not hijab(or not right hijab), I have already agreed partly to (and that’s partly what I write in those posts too)…
    Still I don’t think we should denounce a sister’s outfit as “that’s not hijab”, because it might turn out the other way, she might actually stop wearing it…
    Again, this is a place where I post fashion inspiration so that sisters can incorporate stuff they see into their hijab outfits. They are wise, not stupid, and therefore they know what is hijab for them and what is not

  21. You know what Basbousa???
    I think that you are inshaallah nice Egyptian girl??And becouse i love Egyptian girls and have a lot of friends there of them ,i don’t want to say anything bad for you,becouse i really as know you…
    Only i said my comment,and becouse of that is comment…
    I said that what i saw it’s not hijab like it should be ,or no???
    We are all different,and we have different thoughs,becouse of that it is not necessery to be don’t respectful with our sisters,if they don’t have the same opinion…
    We all need rules of hijab,and becouse of that we can to say what we think??
    For some of pictures of Swedish style,i saw that is not ok,and i say that now..
    Ok,this blog is about fashion,but there are a lot of girls they don’t know what is poent?

    Becouse of that,ja ukhti fi Islam….
    Keep on your way,and let me to say what i think without your disrespectful way of ””stupid readers””

    Mea selama…

  22. basbousa says:

    Ukhti, it was maybe not right of me to write those exact words, but I got really irritated that you kept pointing out in every other post that this and this is not proper hijab, when I had already done so myself in the text. We are all entitled to our own opinions, ofcourse, that’s not why I wrote the stuff I wrote. I just felt like it was an endless “this is no good, this is no good” to every other post I made. And when we sometimes held the same opinions, I thought it was very unnecessary to disagree only to disagree.

    Have a nice rest of your weekend 🙂

  23. caraboska says:

    Salaam to all. You’ll never guess who I just got an e-mail from. It turns out that Maha Rahmeh is a jewelry designer – she only did the crown for that white outfit, not the dress. I have no idea who did the dress. And imagine that she made the crown out of… recycled cans!!! Painted white and embellished. Masha’Allah, what a woman!

  24. caraboska says:

    And now Maha Rahmeh has a blog:


  25. hay says:

    i have gat the scard in the 1st pic in buyed it from london

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