Hijab stylists – Reham Adel

Here’s a little something from yet another Egyptian hijab stylist.

I’m really liking the golden and the blue and white hijab. I’m not convinced about the bridal hijab looks though… Reham Adel has got her own website where you can also find a video with her work.

Which style do you prefer?

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7 thoughts on “Hijab stylists – Reham Adel

  1. mj says:

    i must be the only one to hate egyptian hijab style!! eeek :/

  2. Habayeb says:

    I like the second last one, although w/o the flowers for me. However I done like their make-up. Should be more mellow and natural.

  3. bananafofana says:

    Interesting styles, but egad! That eye make-up! Is it magic marker?

  4. Saliha says:

    These styles are nice if you have a face that’s not too round. So not for me! Look how big they make her head look. I do like the brown/blue one.

  5. Mimi says:

    I Like The Pink And Brown Combo…Thou These Styles Are Quite Impractical and I Wouldn’t Really Wear Them On An Occasion Either, But They Are Nice To Look At.

  6. lujain says:

    hi i love the egyptian hijab styles

  7. tagreed says:

    i looooveee these hijab styles,but only if there was a video of how to do them…..

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