Wrap like an Egyptian – Egyptian Hijab Tutorials

Hiiiiii ladies! Sorry for the short blogging break – I will be better updating, -promise!

Here is some Egyptian hijab style for you to enjoy (some styles are actually covering the neck!):

Loving it. You can also find more of the videos here (there are 7 of these tutorials in total). The featured hijab stylist is Nanees Selim. It looks like she had a site but took it down 😦

What do you think about these styles?

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10 thoughts on “Wrap like an Egyptian – Egyptian Hijab Tutorials

  1. gishmora says:

    oooh,love the gold one!

  2. Beautiful Muslimah a.k.a Pixie says:

    Jazakallah kheir for the tutorials Iman! I like the last two because I like chest coverage and no neck.

  3. Jazaaki Allah khayran for these videos. They’re truly appreciated!

  4. soumia says:

    woow mashallah ! jazaki allah khayr for that i love them especially the last two , we waiting for more !

  5. Soumya says:

    Salam aleikum

    Jazaki Allah kol khayr it is the first time i ve seen your blog and I really really like it. I have been through all the pages and all the styles are amazing, give ideas and usefuls tips. And like oukhti fi al islam (and name too;D) said we are waiting for more.

    Salam aleykum w rahmatuAllah waBarakatuh.

  6. Alexei says:

    Interesting pages here, feel free to post your articles on my site, we like new subjects for discussion, I think you can see where I entered Website, or google for Dissident Philosophy Forum.

    – Alex.

  7. Mariam says:

    Hi i was looking at these very beneficial tutorials and i quite like the style of the Nenees Salim Part 1 (with the monochrome wrap) I would like to ask does anybody know where i can get these same scarf materials, doesn’t really matter much about the prints but i would really like these kind of fabrics. Also, what kind of pins are used to secure the scarf in place? Will very much appreciate if i can be notified. thank You.

  8. nayab says:

    I love the videos!! I am from Canada and i can not find classes over here and wanted to know how to do nice styles but i dont understand them do you know where i can find them in english?

  9. dalia says:

    it is very good

  10. Mimi says:

    I Like The Tutorials, very nice styles and such, Thank You.
    But Is There A Way I Can Get A Tutorial of The Way She Does Her Own Scar !?!
    I Absolutely Love It.

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