Nzinga Knight

I just discovered the blog of Nzinga Knight, a Muslim American evening wear designer. Nzinga has been working with big names in the fashion business like Marc Jacobs and also Three AsFour, Reve Mivasager and Jones NY. Here’s stuff from her debut collection:

What do you think about her designs? I hope that she will consider making more hijabilicious outfits for her next collection. She’s good!

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8 thoughts on “Nzinga Knight

  1. bananafofana says:

    Pretty, but I’m not a satin fan. Also not so good for a curvy gal. I’m not overweight, but those would show far too much. Kinda like the draping on the blue though. . .

  2. Mariam says:

    Nice dresses.. never heard of this designer though, but hopefully we’ll see more of her stuff coming out. The hijabi market has SUCH potential!

  3. Saliha says:

    I like the blue dress a lot. The colours are also very beautiful.

  4. Kholod says:

    I am not in favor of the same-color-from-top-to-toe dresses. It limits the choice of where and when to wear them. Unless it’s black!


  5. caraboska says:

    Bit too figure-revealing for my taste. I’d feel the need to wear a long vest or jacket out of fairly stiff material over them to conceal the curves…. Which would of course add color variety, depending what item ws chosen 😉

  6. They are nice. I will look to see what she puts out next.. these dresses are cool for like an all sisters function…regardless, they are nice.

  7. Mimi says:

    The First Blue One Is Really Nice, But The Others I Think Are Just To Simple And Boring.

  8. sima khan says:

    where ca u get the dark blue on from
    i love it so muck

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