Random Egyptian hijab wraps

Did you ever run out of ideas on how to tie a “fierce” or unique hijab? Here’s a lot of inspiration for a lot of different styles. Most of these styles are “spanish wraps” but you will also find some slightly more covering styles. All of these are the work of several veil and makeup stylists around Egypt:

So what do you think? Did you see anything you like? Would you try any of these looks?

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20 thoughts on “Random Egyptian hijab wraps

  1. Candice says:

    I find all the fabric criss-crossing really neat. I’d like the criss-crossing look of the first one, it looks like very thin fabric. It’d look nice to somehow just have that cross-crossing look as an underscarf type thing with the actual “covering scarf” coming under the chin in a solid.
    The second look is really nice! The 6th one really doesn’t match with the pink blazer and red and orange in the headscarf… it’s really not working for me (the colours, that is). The second to last one is beautiful!

  2. Saliha says:

    The dark blue hijab style is really nice.

  3. nafisah says:

    well, to my mind these hijabs would draw too much attention in the street, i prefer modest look

  4. caraboska says:

    I like nos. 6, 12, 13 and 17 myself.

  5. I absolutely love these hijab styles.. maybe if i had a team who could do it for me I could pull it off,but I am a amateur and those styles are way out of my league at the time. I love seeing though for future ideas. You always find nice hijab pics so kudos to you!

  6. growingwoman says:

    lol Inspired but yeah I really like the braided one, but that might be my irsh heritage comming out…lol

  7. Madiha M.K says:

    These are really pretty :). I wish their makeup wasn’t so overboard. But that designer totally stole my necklace idea! lol

    These look pretty easy. I think I’ll try em out sometime. 🙂

  8. Natalie says:

    I really enjoy these… Im always trying to do different stuff although I’m just a beginner! 😀

  9. muslimah says:

    that it isnot one hijab, hijab is modesty. it is just one fashion headscarf.

  10. […] And analyzing the many, many ways Egyptian women can wrap their hijabs. There are no words for the things I see. They scar me for […]

  11. princess says:

    its so nice and pretty

  12. samiyah says:

    i think most of these are more suitable for special occasions rather than every day life because most of them are extravagant and hijab is more about modesty

  13. doudyb88 says:

    i think all of them are a very beautiful specially the green on at the star
    But we need something more casual for school or university etc…

  14. lamisse says:

    I think this is not an islamic hijab, the make up is so over, we can see a part of the neck and the ears, there’s more fashion than anything else, the point of a scarf is to cover the head and the neck, the ears… but up is just fashion, maybe it can be nice for ceremonies between women but not at work or out in the streets

    allah yehdina

  15. HijabCrazy says:

    I like all of these hijabs. But they dont look like that type you would wear casualy, It the sort you would wear i.e. A wedding, A party.

    Also I dont think these styles are islamic. The point of wearing a hijab is so no man sees the beaty of your hair, With those styles Men will be seeing the beaty of your hijab and so its nothing different to not wearing a hijab alltogether!

  16. Anonymous says:

    To everyone who says that these hijab styles are too elaborate to be Islamic – does being a good Muslim mean looking ugly to you? 🙂 Cos as far as I know Allah swt loves beauty and loves us to be beautiful. As long as the fard requirements of being covered are being fulfilled, why diss something for looking feminine and pretty?

  17. Mursal says:

    thanks for nice and lovely Hejab styles.

  18. sara says:

    salaamolaikum 🙂

    I think these hijab styles are so pretty mashallah i love this site i always use ideas from the hijab styles 🙂 🙂


  19. Miss Ceria says:

    I like the brown one on the top right. The hijab is simple yet pretty and compliments her sweet face. The rest of the hijabs……. I don’t find them nice as they appear to overtake or overwhelm the sisters’ faces. Clothes/make up/accessories etc should never outdo you. They should only enhance or add to your image.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Aren’t they too much of attracting attention?Hijab is exactly the opposite.Yes,you can look pretty and feminine without 10 pieces of colorful mahrama on your head,plus make up…hmm i wonder what would Mohammed s.a.w.s would say about this hijab 🙂 stay modest,as someone has just said above.

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