Uniquely styled hijab that actually covers

If you are not a fan of the spanish hijab or spanish wrap that leaves the chest uncovered, you probably end up dissappointed when trying to look for new ways to style your hijab. Many of the found around, especially the party styles, are lacking the neck and chest coverage. Here’s something for you;

I’m totally loving it. What about you?

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23 thoughts on “Uniquely styled hijab that actually covers

  1. Habayeb says:

    Im simply in love with those hijabs. lovely colors!

  2. Nadia says:

    These were so nice! Love the fifth style in light blue and pink combination! So cute!

  3. caraboska says:

    Oh, wow, I could see myself in any of these under the right circumstances…

  4. caraboska says:

    Oh, wow, I could see myself in any of these under the right circumstances… The question is – how to construct them?

  5. Sharshura says:

    I love these!! Teach me, por favor!!!!

  6. Jenan says:

    Oh wow!! Mashallah those are beautiful! Exactly what im looking for. Would you be able to tell us how to create those styles? Especially the flower designs on the side, i can never do those 😦

  7. curiousmuslimah says:

    I would never wear them but very pretty!

  8. gishmora says:

    Now this is super nice. I would wear this. 😀

  9. soumia says:

    mashallah i like them is really pretty and show up the beauty of hijab
    i would like to do the same , can u show me pleaaaase!

  10. yasmina says:

    Very beautiful ❤ Love them!

  11. growingwoman says:

    mashallah I like them and usually isee ones that i think are attractive but wouldn’t were but one of them I TOTALLY WOULD! that makes me happy! Alhumdulillah! Thanks for maintaining this site it makes me feel good to see other hijabis even if I don’t see them inperson

  12. growingwoman says:

    no wait I would wear 3 of them and when i say 3 think of it this way I have like 15 hijabs that very from black to navy not because i don’t like colors but because I am cheep lol and have never been into fashion before recently and while its only a mild facination i love seeing people in hijab!

  13. Saliha says:

    They’re all nice for wedding parties, the last one is my favourite. I like how they layer the scarves/bonnets in a V-shape at their foreheads.

  14. Hajar Alwi says:


    Those styles are becoming common here, though there is no way I’ll ever be seen in it. I just do not have the patience to style it up plus I prefer the simple ones. 🙂


  15. Saira says:

    Mashallah how beautiful. I love my coloured hijabs but am tired of the same wrap around and pinning idea. Please please can you let me know how to construct these gorgeous designs with my hijabs????

  16. Saira says:

    P.S the top 2 are my absolute faves. mashallah for the person who created these- great work!

  17. Le-Ann says:

    I loved all the styles and I absolutely agree that the spanish wrap needs a bit hijab tweaking. It would be greatly appreciated if you would teach us how to wrap these styles too. Thanks!

  18. Soraya says:

    wow…wish i could do that!

  19. aaliyah khan says:

    these hijab styles r awexum fr parties n wedding ceremonies.. gud enough! thanx fr dis site.. muslim ladies shud apply these styles in parties!!

  20. aaliyah khan says:

    hijab styles r gud… but it takes alot ov tym.. i prefer simple stoles!!

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