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3rd day of the Islamic Fashion Festival – Creativity kicking in

Finally, on the 3rd day of the Islamic Fashion Festival in Kuala Lumpur, the creativity kicked in. I’m not saying that we should wear whatever the designers manage to put together in their creative minds, but I’m saying that creativity and outlandish outfits are what makes fashion/runway shows fun to watch. All the pictures are from Nadiah Ramli’s blog, so check it out if you want larger views of the photos:

I love the outfit on the first picture here, pretty amazing. The 2nd one; light blue and brown is very elegant too! The black one is all naaah…. Looks like a biker chick outfit ūüėÄ

Mmmm! Totally love the red and black dress! The hijab/headpiece is so neat. I want it! The light blue outfit reminds me of a clown outfit (nice clown outfit though), and I have no comments about the white one :O

What do you think about the 3rd day’s outfits?

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Kuala Lumpur Islamic Fashion Festival 2nd day – Wedding style

Here are some pictures found on various blogs (here, here¬†and here) of fashion the 2nd day of the Islamic Fashion Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The second show was a bridal theme show as you can see from the pictures, for us that don’t have anything against mixed¬†wedding parties¬†this¬†could¬†be of interest:

Although none of these gowns would be my first choice, I¬†think the¬†gown on the first picture¬†looks adorable. The others are not me at all, but not too bad either…

The first and the last outfits here look good!

What do you think about the IFF Kuala Lumpur 2008 so far. Is it fulfilling your expectations or is it disappointing?

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The first Islamic Fashion Festival Kuala Lumpur pictures.

Here you are. The first IFF pictures I could find on the web:

I don’t think there is anything revolutional about these outfits, but other than that they are pretty cute and colorful. I am looking forward to see something new, though!

Do you like the fashion of the IFF so far?

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Fab Forever 21 coats

I love Forever 21. It’s probably my favorite store. I can walk into this store any time of the year and always find tons of¬†clothes that I like. They always have some stuff that’s good for us hijabis, even in the middle of the summer. Here are this season’s¬†best Forever 21 coats:

The berry colored one, found here for $44.80 is just right for this season, so is the grey coat with faux fur details found here for $54.80. The classic houndstooth pattern is always a hit, and this coat can be yours for $37.80. For $54.80 you can stay in style with this plaid dress coat.

Gorgeous coats, no?

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Hijab on al Baghdadiyah

Veil designer Radwa Rashwan recently visited the show “Donya Sharahzad” on al Baghdadiyah channel, to teach us all some new hijab tie styles.

The first style is really easy, cute and neat, fit for every day use:

This next style is for the more “trained” hijabis, as it’s somehow more advanced and time demanding. It’s a beautiful style for parties or even weddings:

This is some of her previous work:

I love the pink/orangey spanish wrap but I’m not thrilled about the uncovered hair.

Did you like the featured hijab styles she made on the show?

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