Congratulations, America!!!

Last night we witnessed a historical happening. America elected it’s first black president. But for me and for many, this election was not about race or color. It was about a BIG personality, an awesome candidate that really gets people to walk that extra mile to vote. A hope, a change, this person stands for this and so much more. And now he will be Americas next president, insha’a Allah.

I’m grateful to the American people for being wise and looking past many of the bad things the Republicans have made to huge negative “facts” about Barack Obama. I am so proud of going to the States now, I can barely contain myself. Thank you, senator and coming president Barack Obama for showing us that it’s possible, and for being that one larger-than-life person that could gather the Democrats behind you. I hope you show us what you are good for, and I believe you will manage to live up to America’s and the World’s expectations.

I hope the America’s friends and enemies will let this guy do his thing, that they will give him a chance not only to change America’s politics in America, but also American politics and foreign policy in the rest of the world. May God bless America and Barack Obama. Ps! I never thought I’d say so!


On a more personal note; your girl is going on a week long vacation to Egypt today, so I will not be able to post stuff. Don’t worry, though, when I get back there will be a lot of hijab fashion! I have now got the acceptance letter from the university together with the visa. Basically everything I have been busy with while not posting has now been fixed, so don’t go anywhere…

Oh and I was thinking of getting some cobloggers on this blog. If you have a lot of hijab fashion news, and think that you can do a good job blogging about it, drop me an email and tell. I actually wish to have a blogger from each part of the world blogging with me, so if you are good, contact me:D

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16 thoughts on “Congratulations, America!!!

  1. Mina says:

    Couldnt have said it any better Imaan.

    Awww, have a safe trip and let us know how it went…
    Luv Mina xXx

  2. raquelevita says:


    Safe travels 7abibti!!!

  3. Amani says:

    um im quite good with hijab fashion blogging email me if u want me thnx and have a safe journey

  4. jannah says:

    aww inshallah bil salaama!!

  5. khadija says:

    i m very happy

  6. caraboska says:

    1) Just got back from a party where the main attraction was a screening of Obama’s victory speech on the laptop of yours truly. I have written elsewhere on this blog about why I like Obama too…

    2) What a coincidence – some people in my family have been on vacation in Egypt recently, just got a postcard from them today! Have a great time and come back to us safe and sound insha’Allah.

    3) Check your e-mail 🙂

  7. Habayeb says:

    salaam! have fun in Egypt!!!!!

  8. growingwoman says:

    Isn’t amazing you just look at his big grin and know that thing are going, inshallah, to be at least a little difrent. Party down dude! May the All Knowing keep you safe and on the strait and narrow.

  9. Princess says:

    I love reading the posts …..May I join in the blog ?

  10. Sabrina says:

    After so many years, I have real hope for our country and for world-wide peace and stability.
    So happy about the outcome of this election!

  11. Egads! Obama won! Well, do keep in mind that he’s as white as he is black! God help America as Obama makes abortion-on-demand a “right” for all women. **Shudder** Oh, I have news to share: I’ve had my baby! She’s a sweet little girl and we’ve named her “Elspeth”. Sadly she had to be delivered by emergency c-section because she was in distress and now I’m ill with an infection BUT a healthy, live baby is what it’s all about ~ and she’s healthy and doing very well!! God bless!!

  12. caraboska says:

    Coffee Catholic,

    Congratulations to you and Elspeth! Am very glad to hear she is healthy, God willing you too will soon be healthy as well.

    I don’t think the situation with Obama and abortion is as bad as it might appear. I am not in favor of abortion either, the question is the strategy to achieve the goal of fewer abortions.

    My understanding of Obama’s position is that he agrees with that goal, but feels that delegalizing abortion will not achieve that goal. It will just drive it underground and create an even worse situation because not only will babies be dying, but mothers as well.

    It seems that his optimal strategy would consist of more intensive provision and promotion of real alternatives so that women have somewhere else to turn besides abortion if they find themselves in a difficult situation with a baby on the way.

    May God provide that he is for real on this one. It is indeed important.

  13. Umm Carter says:

    caraboska- I agree. If you look at the 50’s and how often the mothers that chose abortions died you’ll find that its terrible. Thats why i think it needs to remain legal. And if we want to encourage those mothers to take advantage of the other options out there we need to promote them and make them incredibly enticing. If you want people to choose what you want you have to make them think its the absolutely best, coolest and most beneficial choice.
    In college i took a intro to social work class and the thing I remember the most from the class was that they taught us that people only choose what they perceive as the best choice. par example : choose 9 months of mental agony because of circumstances surrounding the pregnancy or a few months of ill health. Thats how some girls see it. I don’t agree with that view but they don’t know all the options, ramifications, often they don’t know that abortion can effect fucher fertility. When you are unexpectedly pregnant frequently you go a little crazy.
    And there is always an extream circumstance like when a young girl is molested. I went to school with a girl that had learning disabilities. She was an either bloomer. In 5th grade her mother died, her teenage broth went to jail and she was raped and molested. She was impregnated with twin no less, (lots of twins in her family) I do not know what happened to her after that but I know if i were her parent it would be a real consideration to abort the babies because a single birth pregnancy is so risky to a child’s health let less 2. Then she is disabled her understanding of the situation and its ramifications would be questionable. The girl had been through such trauma. Childbirth for an adult is traumatic, not always a bad thing but none the less. Then if this mother is a child, piled on top of that she is moderately disabled.
    If we out law abortion how would that effect cases as such? Would aborting ever be right for me, no. Definitely it would not but there are extrema circumstances were I feel i would consider it for my child. I might not choose that for a child (I am saying child not teen) but I probably would in certain circumstances.
    Just watch I’ve made a million people mad now. This is just my opinion II have never been such a circumstance and it’s one thing to talk about it and a nother to live it.

  14. caraboska says:

    I think for a girl quite that young to carry a baby to term, especially in such circumstances, she’d have to have very strong convictions about the sanctity of human life. She’d literally have to take the view that it is better she die herself than that she kill her baby.

    And she’d have to have parents who share her convictions. There are parents out there who would force even a college-age daughter who was in good health to either have an abortion or forfeit forever any right to support from them, and all the more a ten-year-old girl…

    That having been said, I think that unless there was reason to believe the pregnancy would actually threaten her life, an abortion could be avoided even in the case of a ten-year-old, if she was able to count on the extraordinary kind of support that would be necessary.

    Unfortunately, probably even most girls who find themselves in the situation your friend from school found herself in do not have that kind of support. If they did, the incident would never have happened in the first place. So that that ‘if’ is a truly big one.

    But there is something very important we can do in advance to help, now that I think about it: sex education from an early age. Before anyone jumps on me, let me say that there are two approaches to that issue which are equally lamentable: keeping kids ‘innocent’ and giving that education for the wrong reasons.

    Of course, it is unfortunate that in today’s world, we have to think about this even for preschool age kids, but let’s face it: there is increasing perverted activity on this planet, and it is essential that kids have the information they need to make proper decisions that will help them avoid being taken advantage of, as well as find help if they need it.

    The situation has gotten so extreme that the solution of not letting the kids out of the house at all can make things even worse. Because the one who molests a child is almost always known to the child – often it is someone actually living under the same roof.

    But I digress. The point is that this is a good reason to give sex education to kids. Indeed, I believe that couching it in terms of information useful in protecting themselves from harm (both physical and spiritual) is the only good context in which to educate children about this subject.

    But it needs to be done, along with all the services that need to be provided for someone who is already in a difficult situation, and I hope that Barack Obama will do his bit to help make it happen. It seems that he does have the right attitude here, so I am optimistic.

    In particular, in his book ‘The Audacity of Hope’, he talks about how children need to be taught that sex is something to be approached with reverence, not a toy to be played with, and that they need to be taught such things as responsibility for their own actions, as well as being given the psychological support which will help them not to feel the need to have sex in inappropriate circumstances in the first place (not to mention making them less vulnerable to exploitation).

    I would say he goes quite a bit further back in the process, as it were, than most thinkers I’ve seen on the subject. Most of them start their thinking at the point when a problem already exists and someone already needs specific help with a pregnancy in difficult circumstances. The more I think about it, the more I think that our president-elect has a good handle on the issue.

  15. Aliyah says:

    im sorry but how can you be happy that this man was elected?? hes black…so what??? he isnt going to make a change…just because he claims he has 2%muslim blood inside of him dosnt mean jack…although hes admitted he ISNT a muslim…he isnt a islamic leader therefore cant make the changes we need…our poor ummah are still going to be in a mess…and will be until we get an islamic khalif. these lot r fulla shit x

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