Staying up to date on the Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF)

Very soon, November the 24th actually, IFF is back in Kuala Lumpur for it’s sixth year. There is much to be excited about, with both local and international designers featured.

“The need and presence for Islamic fashion has never been more pressing than now, as Islamic capitals of the world continue to expand and welcome foreign investors an undeniable setting as human societies establish closer ties across the globe.

Leave aside religious needs, Islamic fashion plays a much greater role than just to drape and to cover. ‘’While there are the obvious reasons needs to don Muslim attire – in a mosque, for weddings, for prayer etc., women and men of all walks of life and cultural backgrounds will see the need for Islamic fashion as world trade activities take place.And there is no definite instruction about how one should be covered, what with a modern and diversified community, we want to present to the people of this world that Islamic fashion indeed fashionable and for everyone. The demand has never been more present than now.”

Stay up to date on the IFF by visiting their official site, or by reading the two following articles, here and here.

Im all excited about this, what about you guys?

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9 thoughts on “Staying up to date on the Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF)

  1. caraboska says:

    Wow. Who would have thought: even niqabi fashion!

  2. redanna says:

    i just cant wait!!!

  3. erica aisha says:

    Niquab-erific and rocking styles,

    Well good for them… the styles are really bringing hijab into style and the ladies make it so arabesque and veiled princess appeal. I’ve got a UAE trip coming up with some sweet Souvenirs.
    Any tips? You find the best fashion secrets in hijabi styles!

  4. caraboska says:

    A lot of the designers featured on this blog have some kind of presence in the Emirates. You could drop in and visit them (you lucky duck…)

  5. […] The Hijablog keeps us up-to-date on the Islamic Fashion Festival. […]

  6. lilhaven says:

    I went to the Islamic Fashion Festival launch yesterday and the sampler they presented on the runway is absolutely gorgeous. Also went for the fashion show this morning where they showcased designs from Malaysia and Indonesia. Some are very high fashion and only good for runway, but there were some that I absolutely would wear. Looking forward to attending more shows these next four days.

  7. ExcactCaxy says:

    wanhmvhgiltcpwcdwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  8. lindslow says:

    hello i think islamic fashion is so adorable!!!! i ♥ it(= hollla!!!!

  9. Roeshana Alexander says:

    All praise to Allah!
    Islamic fashion is really beautiful unique and elaborate!

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