Hijabilicious halal tv hosts

I guess most of you have heard about the controversial Swedish program “Halal TV” by now. Blogs like Muslimah Media Watch and many others have allready blogged about the 8 episode show hosted by three veiled muslim women. Now these women also have got style:

From the left; Cherin Awad, Dalia Azzam Kassem and Khadiga el Khabiry. I just love the zebra print hijab and the hot pink top!

Looks like the Spanish hijab is Dalia Azzam Kassem’s top choice. I love how she tied her hijab in the first picture here.Β And Khadiga el Khabiry’s orangey-pink do. Beautiful colors.

What do you think about their style? Did any of you watch the show?

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11 thoughts on “Hijabilicious halal tv hosts

  1. Celeritas says:

    I love the style! I didn’t watch the show as I like in New Zealand. Inshallah the show will increase awareness and respect of Islam in Europe.

  2. Beautiful Muslimah a.k.a Pixie says:

    I like the style of the sister with zebra hijab.

  3. deardiary says:

    wow.. its great to see the hijab picture from ur blog. various pattern and colourful. soo beautiful dear!

    i love hijab!!!

  4. cecilia says:

    I watch their show every week! I love it! but not anyone and som people in sweden has started a namelist to stop the program and the media is not that much better! I wrote about one of the articles in my blog if you want to read! “What happened to freedom of expression?” is the name of the post!

  5. Habayeb says:

    I sure do love their hijabs!!!

  6. flifla says:

    salam sister
    the zebra hijab rocks with the pink tunic masha ALLAH

  7. Hananita says:

    I hear there is a similar program in Holland. I did only watch the first episode 😦 i dont get the time to see it.. does anyone know if there is an online link or sum so i could catch up with the program πŸ™‚ ?

  8. Amer says:

    Hello people,

    I don’t read Swedish, but I think you can read English.

    Those three women are so brave and so great to try to tell the truth to a community like Sweden people who are very different, and very far from understanding the great benefits of the life way of Islam.

    That is really so brave. And it is very normal to have that much of criticism, especially from the European based media.

    But, I should say clearly that, those three women are very great but not perfect. And they did some mistakes.

    When that man wanted to shake his hand with one of the hosting women, they did actually the right thing, and refused to shake their hands, but when he insisted and was upset, they should say one of the following:

    1- We are sorry to upset you, but we cannot go against our believes if we don’t break the law. If you want force us to do things just because it is used to be done, that is against our message. We want to change people, not to do as they like. If you want us to loose our freedom, and do things just to make you happy, then, you better try this with non thinking people. We care for our freedom, and we care about our beliefs, and we know that, the people of Sweden are modern and educated enough to respect our freedom under the law.

    2- Sorry, but shaking hands can hurt us, and if don’t feel that harm, that is simply you don’t know. If you want to hurt us because that is a habbit of you, then, be sure that, it will not work with us. And if you want to know why it hurts us, we can give you another session because we care about you and want you to have the knowledge we found.

    3- Sorry, we have nothing aganist you, but we just want you and every one to know that, it is not good in the eyes of Islam to shake hands between any women and any man. And we believe in Islam, and we are sure you respect our belief, and we are sure you will understand and will excuse us. And at the end, we are saving you from shaking your hands πŸ™‚

    And by the way, Awad said something wrong. She said that, the woman who admitted her adultery deserve to be stonned. Actually she don’t understand really the roots of punishment in Islam.

    Some people think Islam punish people because they deserve it. That is wrong. That is really so reason to punish people for. It only happen in the western/eastern laws. But it is not like that in Islam.

    Punishment in Islam is not based of deservation. It is based on result. In other words, killing the homosexuals is not because they deserve it, but because it is better for them and for the community.

    A know story that, a woman admitted adultery in the time of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and asked him to do the punishment on her, and she was pregnant. The prophet told her to come again when she give birth. And after several months she came by her self, and asked the prophet to do the punishment. He told her to do milking to her child for two years, and come after that. She went, and came after two years with her son. Her son had a piece of bread in his hand. And asked the prophet to do the punishment. Then, he did the punishment. And while she is was hit by stones, some people insulted her with some words, but the prophet told them to never do that, because, she repented a big repent, if it was separated on the whole earth, Allah will accept it from all of them.

    The wisdom behind this story is that, punishment is just about letting other people fear to do the bad things for themselves, and to let the sinner face Allah with empty sins so they will go to heaven directly.

    And by the way, Islam does not ask anybody to admit his sin, but the opposit. Islam asks every one to hide their sins, it is very harmful on the community to let people know what bad things you did. That is very bad, and sadly it is happening every day in the whole world by the so called Free media.

    That women should not return if she don’t think she needs the punishment. Maybe she knew her self that she will not stop doing it. Maybe she feared Allah a lot, so she wanted to be sure that she will go to heaven.

    But again, If any one did a big crime and admitted, Islam does not allow for any mercy because he admitted, because admittion itself in a public way is just a very big crime. Because it tells everybody that it is okay to do it if no one catched you. It is very wrong to admit your sin to the Islamic government. but it is very wise if you admitted it when you know it is better for you to get that punishment. And it will take a lot of corage to do end your life just because you know it is better for you.

    And by the way, the punishment of adultery in Islam is not about adultery, but it is about doing it in the public. It is known that, in the whole history of Islam, there was very very few cases of adultery punishments. And all of them was done in a very public way. Maybe you think that, it is the right of any one to do love with any woman in the street, and let every one to see them do it. That is not the free world Islam want for his people.

    The conditions which are needed to do the punishment is that, four honest people should see the penis go inside the vagina in clear and direct way. If one of them said he is not sure, the four people will be punished.

    After this, I think, every one who will criticize Islam because of the adultery punishment is just a moron, or he should bring us a very good reason. I said these information to a lot of people, and many of them converted to Islam. And I think you should know that, the truth is the cure.

  9. diamond says:


    I have seen the Dutch version of this programm, its Called “meiden van Halal” three sisters discussing subjects and open up to non-muslims.
    I think here you can look for it http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl
    But i really agree with you all, these ladies are well dressed masha’allah.
    Donno why but i love warm toned hijabs (pink,yellow,orange,red and such)

  10. noura says:

    i like the blue style in the last few pics.its modern but still conservative.but ive never actually seen the show.

  11. hay says:

    Yes i have seen that show to but its only for people who can understand dutch i think.

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