Hejab Fashion – November/December issue

Of course I had to buy the newest issue of Hejab Fashion Magazine when I was in Egypt. Sadly I get more and more disappointed for each new issue I go through…

For example, they used to have two pages of new hijab wraps in each issue; now there is nothing like that. Basically they have a couple of written pages, most of the time not about very interesting subjects at all. I think they need a “face lift”. Instead of the “fashion” being just ads for the clothing stores, they should combine items and clothing from different brands, like they do in regular fashion magazines. I think they would have a better shot at getting more fashionable, nice looking outfits that way… They should continue with the wrapping instructions they used to have. And try to get some better writers.

Here are the best outfits from the November/December magazine:

Yup, I know. The belts are not the most modest accessories, those skinny jeans aren’t either, I was actually surprised to find myself dressing more conservative than 75% of the women my age in Cairo (that was not the case a year ago)… Anyway, I believe any of us hijab fashion bloggers would manage to put together outfits much more stylish than these. They should totally hire us 😀

What’s do you think about the Hejab Fashion Magazine? Will you buy this issue?

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18 thoughts on “Hejab Fashion – November/December issue

  1. Mariam says:

    Welcome back!
    It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to comment.. but this post is definitely one I agree with. I think part of the problem is that there are only so many kinds of styles you can do to your hijab.. and after awhile it gets boring. The creativity is in the whole outfit and not just about the scarf on the head..
    just my own thoughts 🙂

  2. caraboska says:

    I agree with Mariam. Although then again, even that leaves room for a discussion of ‘the right hijab for this outfit’.

    Speaking of our putting together our own outfits, I’m curious what you all think of this outfit that I would like to make insha Allah during my vacation or shortly thereafter (colors will of course be matched in the actual outfit…) Addresses to individual elements:

    Hood (Vogue 9454): http://www.lanetzliving.net/inc/sdetail/81522

    Over-hat/scarf (Vogue 8276): http://www.voguepatterns.com/item/V8276.htm??tab=list/out_of_print/fashion_accessories&page=all

    Underdress (McCalls 4549 – w/o capelet): http://www.momspatterns.com/inc/sdetail/20799

    Over-robe (Vogue 7351): http://www.momspatterns.com/inc/sdetail/21390

    And a pair of straight-legged trousers underneath if desired.

  3. Jannah says:

    I like the grey dress. Other than that i wouldnt wear any of those outfits, outside at least. Nothing is covered! The mag is 7 bux american. I’m too cheap to spend 7+ on a mag that doesnt even give you proper attire =)

  4. jessyz says:

    No i wouldn’t buy this magazine, if I am looking for good inspiration I just check out the blogs ;-).
    Even youtube is full of how-to-wrap videos. The magazine is poor content wise. It’s like an ad for all of these shops and I have to pay too. I think they could just distribute it for free and make it just ads.

  5. nour says:

    I think you should write your suggestions to the mag. & I also think they need a writer like you to contribute with your vision.

  6. sunspots1 says:

    You know its crazy I’ve been at this for 14 + years and now they want to come out with a fashion magazine. I’m not in the mood for it now. If I started wearing hijab like that it sort of defeats the purpose alittle I feel. I agree with you about the skinny jeans – which I just now allowed myself to wear, but they are straight leg (so I guess they don’t meet the ‘skinny’ definition) with a long sweater and long tee underneath.

    Yes they should hire us. In the US I sometimes take sisters on shopping tours to show them what works and what doesn’t. I can’t say how many times I’ve bought something, get it home, and say…..naa this ain’t gonna work.

  7. Yeah… I’ve noticed that the Hijab Fashion Magazine has gotten rather redundant. But I think I’ll still order them for a while because I find a gem or two in each issue. Oh ~ I wore hijab today!! Now that I’m no longer pregnant I don’t overheat. I used my lovely hijab pins and wore a gorgeous purple scarf with gold threads running through it. It was so wonderful to cover my head! I can’t wait to wear more hijab now that I no longer faint when I put something on my head.

  8. sofi says:

    I think the muslim woman should always look good ,and this mag will invite women to wear a stylish Hijab

  9. erica aisha says:

    I don’t care much for the agazine… most of the stylish hijabis that I internet-know have pretty harsh revues.

    I just check out my favorite hijabi bloggers like you!

    I love bright designs and colors, however, I’ll be in Dubai, Al-Ain and Abu Dhabi for a month and I am worried my colors and outlandish hijab styles may be too much outside of Dubai proper. I have a chill light brown abaya that may work though. What do you think? UAE styles seem less bright..?

  10. mango says:

    The one in purple is elegant and modest.At least not a single part of her body is clear.It’s a decent clothes for a true muslim.

  11. Skam says:

    I just received mine last week, and I am also extremely disappointed. I just started wearing hijab this year and I bought it for some encouragement and for the hijab styles. I only have one issue with two styles. I’m not going to order it anymore, the clothes are not as great and practical as well. It’s a shame though….

  12. hana mohamed hussein says:

    hello i would like to search for november /december 2007 issue

  13. Odna says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I want that purple one!!! It’s soooooo beautiful!!!

  14. Hi please, check this website http://egypt-fashion.com you can have a page on the site for your fashion magazine listed under fashion, please contact egfashion team for more details.

  15. noura says:

    i love the 2 brown looks,the first one and the last,but i don’t agree with saying that they’re not exactly hijab cuz they cover up everything even with the skinny jeans they covered the top part with the dress/top.same with the leggings too.but i guess that’s a matter of personal opinion

  16. Amany says:

    I want ask you about the articles of the magazine which talk about the trends and related with some illustrations,,what do you think of it?

  17. Nadia says:

    A such hijab (with rabbit ears, for kids), is it haram ?

  18. Dina says:

    You may contact hejabfashion magazine at: hejabfashion@yahoo.com

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