Fab Forever 21 coats

I love Forever 21. It’s probably my favorite store. I can walk into this store any time of the year and always find tons of clothes that I like. They always have some stuff that’s good for us hijabis, even in the middle of the summer. Here are this season’s best Forever 21 coats:

The berry colored one, found here for $44.80 is just right for this season, so is the grey coat with faux fur details found here for $54.80. The classic houndstooth pattern is always a hit, and this coat can be yours for $37.80. For $54.80 you can stay in style with this plaid dress coat.

Gorgeous coats, no?

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6 thoughts on “Fab Forever 21 coats

  1. I adore forever 21 they always have very fun feminine tops. I like the Grey Coat though I’d get rid of the faux fur but keep the bow.

  2. I found a “dark coffee” brown calf-length wool coat in my plus-size at LL Bean! It’s the traditional type of coat kind of like you show here on your blog. I’m so thrilled! I had forgotten about that style of coat until I started haunting Hijab Blog. They are soooo retro and classy!

  3. Jihan says:

    Very nice masha’Allah. I like those kinds of semi-long jackets, coats and sweaters.

  4. linda says:

    I love them all, very simple but yet classy. If only i can wear that in humid weather like singapore.

  5. amanda says:

    selam..i like them all!

  6. lauren says:

    i heard of forever 21 in a magazine and liked alot of their stuff and was amazed by how cheap their stuff is!!! we just got one in our mall and i love it. i always get ugly puffy coats because my mom says the price is right. i asked her for a coat at forever21 and she said yes!!!! these coats are cheaper then the puffy ones my mom used to buy me!!!

    does anyone know if they are good quality or not??? are they warm??? and can you actually wear them when its snowing???

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