Fly hijabi

I think this girl knows how to rock her hijab. Sahar Salman is one of the cuter hijab models to be featured in Hejab Fashion magazine. Here are some pictures of her:

I think she carries many of her outfits well, and there are two things that I love about her style; that she is very creative when it comes to the wrapping of the scarves and that she matches her scarves so well with the clothing (that’s what saves the outfit in the 3rd picture with the not very stylish pink top and also in the 6th picture with the black and purple outfit).

What do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Fly hijabi

  1. Sooooo freaking cutee!!!!!!!!! She really wear her hijab!! So much style and elegant.

  2. Jihan says:

    Masha’Allah very nice. I love those pink bead necklaces.

  3. Hanima says:

    I mostly like the way she wraps them, but her neck and throat are out, not to mention WAAAAY too much makeup. I don’t care for the red nail polish either. I think it sends the wrong message. I’m not one for colored polish on my fingers at all.

  4. Blossom says:

    i think the last pic with white is a real sort of hijab
    but yes the red nail polish (no use of it)

    ey when i wear the hijab like that my face looks so fat and eewk
    how can i avoid it?? even i feel im having double chin when wearing that

    pls can somebody advise me

  5. veiledbeauty says:

    wow! super cute i agree the neck is a lil out there…i guess we could play around with her style to create more coverage..

  6. huda says:

    umm I like it..and the outfits are really cute!! but there like skin tight; and my mom would never let me wear that!=(..and plusss…her neck is out.
    but anyways everything else is very cute!! :DD

  7. sahar salman says:

    thanx for you

    im sahar salman hijab model

  8. Dream says:

    These all are so beautiful i am muslim and was tring to find new ways to wear hyjab and these are great! the only problem is i do not know how to do this.

  9. S says:

    Meaning of hijaab….is?

  10. amra says:


    well i just think all these pictures defy the idea of wearing hijab. hijab is not just a scarf on ur head its also all u do and say. this woman im sorry does not show anything islamic. its just another fashion statement. islam does not allow make up in public, nail polish and especially not making the hijab attractive to look at. ur not meant to attract the opposite sex and this style of hijab wear clearly emphasised that.

  11. soma says:

    hi ana shefa an al pic deh mo3zamha 7ad mswarha in any place actualy i need 2 see u profisional pic by tha way hya al pic 7elwa bas kol model btswar w tkon ma3rofa zeak ya sa7r lazem ekon leha sho3’al ma3a nas kter ea3ny swar nzalat f lw 7ataty pic kda htkon a7la kter
    good luck

  12. ...... :) says:

    I don’t put makeup but I think that there isn’t any problem with the makeup but the neck sorry it isn’t right to show it at all 🙂

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