Hajj inspired designwear

This is a little late for this year, but there is always another year coming, insha’a Allah. The mother and daughter team at Sri Munawwarah make beautiful hajj inspired wear with a twist; this year’s collection is called “Pristine Pilgrimage”.

They have been making hajj collections for 16 (!) years, and this particular collection was made especially for the IFF. Follow their blog here.

What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “Hajj inspired designwear

  1. Muha says:

    Salaam aleikum and Eid mubarek

    Is it really allowed to wear such flashy clothes for Hajj?

  2. cecilia says:

    they are beautiful!

  3. Candice says:

    I think it’s beautiful, but I really don’t see why someone would want to do Hajj in it… Seems like one would want to be as plain as they could possibly be.

  4. arabica says:

    3eid mubarak,
    I find that awful that one would go to hajj and dress up as if she is going to a catwalk. no offence wanted but that is just really sad, where is this ummah gonna end up by wanting to distort every single corner of this wonderful and blessed religion. why not take then some N7 make up kit with you? or no no Mac makeup kit o and do not forget girls to have a manicure too before you go as well as a facial! staghfrAllah l 3adheem, may Allah guide us all. i don’t mean to sound rude though.

  5. Habayeb says:

    they look nice but i wouldnt wear these or hajj.. a plain nice white abaya and khimar is all thats needed.

  6. Salaams! I agree with everyone else. I would be too shy to make hajj in something fancy/designer.

  7. basbousa says:

    Wa aleikum assalam. Eid mubarek to all of you. I think their regular hajj wear is a tad more toned down. This is just some kind of “special edition” stuff that is inspired by their previous collections – or so I think.

  8. elias says:

    They are beautiful. Lighten up people, these are clothes inspired by hajj wear. nobody is saying they are for hajj.

  9. lilhaven says:

    Salams, i know for sure that they didnt make this for the actual hajj (because i live near the boutique and buy stuff from them a lot ) . These few pieces were specially made with extra bling just for THIS particular event. Catwalk pieces are always made a little over the top to suit the mood. But in real life, they actually design very humble, elegant, timeless pieces that are PERFECT for haj and daily wear.

  10. Umm Hannah says:

    I read in the local (Malaysia) newspaper that they added the blings for the fashion show only. Yeah, I have been to their boutique and their actual Hajj clothes are simple yet practical to wear. The daughter is a friend of mine. A mother of four and expecting her fifth daughter soon, insya Allah. Their hijab are also very popular in Malaysia. Very practical and comfortable to wear.

    Umm Hannah – http://www.EasyHijabStyles.com

  11. inaali says:

    Salam all….

    Yup..this is DEFINITELY not our usual hajj/umrah range…in actual fact 80% of the clothes we make do not have all this bling……

    Just a little spice & mood for the fund raising show….we thought the audience would understand that……

    we do simple cotton pantsuits & abayas and jubah in plain fabrics…..

    In essence – these clothes would be comfy for the hajj/umrah ….you just minus the bling……i suppose you can’t really judge from pictures can you?

    (the daughter)…..

  12. Muslimah (UK) says:

    Um, I think some sisters are missing the point. Yeah, these designs are pretty and they’re really not meant to be for Hajj – remember this is HIGH FASHION which is practically never worn at all. Anywhere. These are just Hajj-INSPIRED and v. v. pretty, I must say.

  13. aliyah24 says:

    aslama alleykum everyone iwas wodering how can i contact with this people …plz let me know if you guys know thnk you.

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