Islamic wear designer Itang Yunasz

Itang Yunasz is a designer that used to create revealing gowns but then dissappeared for some years, to return with a comeback collection designed for veiled women. His designs were featured on the latest Islamic Fashion Festival. Here are some of his newest creations:

I really really love the colors. Many of the outfits are wearable as well.

Would you wear any of this???

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29 thoughts on “Islamic wear designer Itang Yunasz

  1. mumble says:

    The fifth pic, the blue one, wow, amazing, beautiful

  2. […] The Hijablog highlights designer Itang Yunasz’s comeback collection. […]

  3. Asmaa_A says:

    The collection is amasing, mashaAllah, even if I am not into such shiny outfits, I would like to have outfit in the last picture, is quite simple and graceful.

  4. aisha says:

    alhamdulilla i love this collection,am into designing my self i love the black one best salam

  5. Najea Lujan says:

    The fabrics are gorgeous and they are designed and sewn so beautifully. My favorite is the burgundy and peach. I would certainly wear these lovely clothes. Nice post!

  6. hal786 says:

    i no sum1 who has a similar one like the last blue one, it looks soo nice mashallah nd prob waay cheapa dan these ones lol, bought material for i think about £20 and got it sewed as a jilbab for about £10+

  7. Blossom says:

    the blue one is just amazing

  8. Oum says:

    I sure would I loved almost them all but especially the last blue one and the white one. LOVELY..But the pricec are probbably not for me …

  9. Muslimokieinthewest says:

    I agree they are all gorgious but as soon as i saw the first one I thought ‘I would wear that” Some of them are great but to flashy for me, but yea the dark blue one for sure!

  10. maryam says:

    masha allah, it is beautiful collection full of colours which i an into it like craaaazy. i would take everything all. what a desighn? masha allah!!!

  11. the 1st and the 8th i love, but esp. the 1st!!

  12. Tierra Ziyad says:

    I so would wear them, mashallah they’re soo beautiful

  13. tyta says:

    I wonder why you put this post under malaysia / malaysian hijabi. Itang Yunasz is Indonesian designer

  14. Love the first dark blue design and the detail that u put in the design…hope 2 see your design in malaysia soon and at a lower price…afortabel 1 for some of us…I’m in designing school and hoping that u could give me some advise and u’ve been an insparation 2 me..!!

  15. Miey says:

    love the design and all..asspcly the drk blue 1..keep up the good work

  16. ahmad says:

    hello.we work in turkey.we made wedding dresses.we need islamic wedding style.can you help us?designers,magazins and… . tanks for ypu favarites

  17. puteri says:

    u should check itang yunaz mukeenah collection,im in love…..

  18. Haniyyah says:

    As salaamu alaykum, Mashuallah your designs are amazing. Beautiful choice of colors and fabrics

  19. Tuere Ahmad says:

    I love fashion,and to see beautiful fashions that are designed for womenwho cover is inspirational to me. I myself dabble at design regularly,and his designs so far are beyond compare from any fashion spectrum.

  20. maya says:

    amazing mashAllah. Where can i buy some of the collection.

  21. muna says:

    salam to everyone,

    these designs, mashallah are great and a way to show those that believe the showing skin is the only way to look beautiful that Islam can and will be always the best.

    Now can someone tell me where i can buy abayas for wedding..i would like to make online purchases, and if someone can tell me where i can buy even these clothes, if they are on sale already


  22. Wahida says:

    Those designs by Itang Yunasz are stunning. I can so easily wear such outfits for special occasions. I stumbled on your blog whilst searching for hijab styles. I enjoy reading the comments and I love the posts. Keep it up. Such inspiration.

  23. Alijagat says:

    I have a few of the mens apparel. Could you lead me to more of the designs

  24. maryan says:

    yes indeed i will wear it…. living in the western world you wont find clothes that are that beautiful and it cover you as a muslim women….. Allah give gife

  25. Imad says:

    Itang, I love your designs and so do many women in California that would like to place orders. I’ll be your agent in US.

  26. Notxa says:

    Assalamualaikum, very interesting that he can improved his talent into a beautiful Islam. Itang yunaz is one of favourite islamic designer. All of his gowns can make muslimah more simply energic, young, and cute.

  27. K says:

    Hey, ummm… I don’t mean to be a bother, but Itang is actually an Indonesian designer, not Malaysian designer. I hope you can fix the mistake 😀 There are a lot more Indonesian designers who creates beautiful muslim clothes, and I’d be glad to share some if you’re willing 🙂 I guess I’ll catch you later 😀 thanks a lot!

  28. […] over the fate of women and children during the last crisis in Jos.The Hijablog highlights designer Itang Yunasz’s comeback collection.Speaking of collections, Muslim American designer Nzinga Knight will be having a cool presentation […]

  29. Me says:

    SubhänaAllah! The blue outfit with the stripes are just screaming beauty..

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