Cute colorful wedding gowns

I have posted gowns like these before (here and here), and I’m posting them again. These bright, pastel color wedding gowns are just tooo cute:

Are you going/did you go white or colorful for your wedding? Would you wear any of these?

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50 thoughts on “Cute colorful wedding gowns

  1. Meg says:

    I’m not Muslim, though I dress pretty close to hijab (I ever wear a headscarf, though not in a neck-covering style!) and I’m planning on wearing a dark purple wool dress to my wedding! It has a long bell skirt, long sleeves and a high neck.

  2. *~Ange~* says:

    love the yellow one

  3. aisha says:

    i love this collection.i design my self and am making a wedding dress with hijab for my cousin. i will post it on my blogwen am done

  4. hal786 says:

    meg thats nice to hear, !
    did u get it sewed or did u buy it?
    my m8s sis i think had to get hers sewed cuz its hard to get full-sleeved weddin clothes isnt it?

  5. Meg says:

    My mother and I made it together–we both sew. It was so much fun to do!

  6. Janan says:

    I’m about to get married but i dont think i’m going to wear anything like this. I’ll probably opt for a traditional arabi wedding with a strapless-mermaidish-a-lineish style dress. These would make great dresses for the geusts to wear though!! I would totally wear one like it.

  7. Lazeena says:

    Theyre all so beautiful mashaAllah. I dont think Id be able to pull it off HAHA but I love how the bride and groom are matching in the 2nd pic! aww

  8. I will have to take a long look through your blog for all of your wedding fashions, Insha’allah

  9. I don’t think I’d go for the brown wedding dress. I’d feel like a walking chocolate bar going down the isle hehehehe! I do wear brown ~ but I wouldn’t for a wedding dress.

  10. Muslimokieinthewest says:

    I like the salmon one, but my husbands favorite color is brown so that answers the question of which i’d want to wear. That is if I had to pick just one, lol. Hey Meg, do you wear snoods? They look comfortable and easy. One of these days inshallah I’ll try one, but with a turtle neck of course, and a vest…..o yeah now i remember why I wear my hijabs granny fashion, lol. I am fashion lazy. I just like to look. lol maybey if i were royalty i’d have some one dress me, lol. I did wear a sari for my hubby today though. They are so versital. I needed to tell my husband something while he was helping the neighbor shovel his drive and i just shifter the garment and boom I was covered and ready!

  11. lars shalom says:

    hi I’m a girl, but I wear doppa and shirts!!

  12. Naziehah says:


    I did wear colourful pastel wedding gowns for my wedding last 2 years. I wore beautful lavender ‘songket ( a Malay fabric) and a pink lace kebaya (also a type of Malay women attire)

    You inspire me to do a post about my wedding gown! 😀

  13. naziehah says:

    I did a ‘my wedding dress’ entry in my blog because I’m inspired by this entry! 😀

  14. truly java says:

    errr…are they Indonesian Sisters? or at least South East Asian sisters..these dress is widely wore here in Indonesia

  15. comey_lote says:

    I wore something like these during my wedding 4 yrs ago but my theme was gold…and purple…
    this is my traditional costumes…I’m Malay…and I’m from Malaysia.
    Good to know some non-malay like our traditional clothes

  16. fatima says:

    OMG! these are adorable! I would definitely wear any of these anytime!

    Specially the brown one, do by any chance know where could them in the US.

    Thanks soooo much, sister!



  17. I absolutely love the yellow dress!! So are there any sites online where dresses like this can be purchased? Just wondering…but anyway…I love the white and yellow dresses the best.

  18. Chloe Smith says:

    Hi, first of all can i say that all the clothes i have seen on this site are beautiful! but what i am really here for is research. I am writing a Dissertation for my final year at university and part of my project is looking at how women who follow Islam, express their femininity and personal tastes. if anyone would be willing to answer questionnaires would be so good as to contact me my e-mail is
    I would be ever so grateful xxx
    (alternatively just leave me a message at my e-mail with any relevant information xxxx

  19. Coffee Catholic,

    The brown one was my favorite!! I’d totally walk down the aisle in that one!

  20. fadz says:

    Most malaysian muslim wearing colorful wedding dress on their wedding ceremony. White usually will be used for enggangement ceremony. If you would like to buy colorful hijab/scarf, please click my name…hehe!!More malaysian wedding photos…

  21. Eveline says:

    I’d like to go for the fully white one, since it’s pretty close to a western wedding dress, but not that awfully naked!

  22. manisha says:

    whn i get married sooon
    im buyin one on them beatiful, stunning dresses

  23. alu says:

    that’s very cute, i love the orange one!
    where can i buy it?

    i will be married soon, inshaAllah, and i want to have a dress like these on the pictures!!

    (sorry for my bad english, i’m not english 🙂

  24. wena, digos says:

    i like it

  25. houria muslima says:

    For me the malaysian wedding dress are the best so colorful i really like it !

  26. harvesthands says:

    Gorgeous! Sarah Panama City Wedding Photography

  27. muslimah says:

    i loves to wear long dress the style looks like princess dress and i wear simple veil..i need advices how style to my wedding dress,i will marry soon insha4jji..plz send me email ..

  28. Yvette says:

    I would love to order my wedding dress from this company. How do i go by doing so?

  29. Marianne says:

    The one woth turqoise was really beutiful 🙂
    I’m not muslim, and if I get married I would love to have
    a strapless white dress with corset I think :p

  30. Muslimah says:

    Asalamu Aleikom. Hey sister these are very lovely dresses, but do you have a websites where one can order them? I am getting married soon inshaAllah and i NEED! these kind of dress. Please reply back as soon as you can I am desperate in finding the perfect islamic wedding dress! Help:)

  31. I wanted to but the blue gown. HOw do I do this?

  32. junaid says:


    How can i buy one of these.Am getting married soon and am traveling to indonesia soon.plz help????//

  33. mish says:

    a lot of these are available on – they customize their wedding dresses.

  34. Dave L says:

    The dresses look fantastic the colours are bright and wonderful and the detail in each of the dresses is awesome. Truly spectacular works of art.

  35. Nefertiti says:

    I am getting married in December 2009 and would love to have a dress like the ones above. Where would I be able to pruchase them. Please let me know as soon as possible.

  36. Monica says:

    I absolutely love the yellow one and the peach one but mostly the yellow one! That would look really wonderful for me,hehe 😀

  37. Is really really preeetyy! So cute.

  38. ruqayyah says:

    usually this is how they do it for the malays in singapore/malaysia. the trend now is to wear white for the solemnization ceremony and usually there’s another ceremony called in malay the ‘sanding’ where there will be a lunch banquet and many guests are invited. during the sanding then the bride & groom will wear something of color and usually matching too. hehe.

  39. I would definitely wear the yellow or white one.

  40. rachel says:

    are these sold anywhere? i’d like to buy!

  41. Nazia says:

    Hi, where can we buy the hijabs from.

  42. Muislife says:

    Wow wonderful …. like this

  43. midzna says:

    it nice the yellow one

  44. midzna says:

    its very cute

  45. sokran says:

    i love the blue color gown. . for my 2nd wedding anniversary i’d like to have like that one…

  46. sokran says:

    and am gonna tell my younger sister to look forward for this colorful gowns.. hope there are still have many pix to be displayed for more beautiful gowns

  47. raima says:

    the last one is simple yet illegant…..

  48. hi my name is mahani, i love this collection.. btw i have some wedding dresss photos on my blog..if you dont mind please give me some comment for the photos…i design my self and am making a wedding dress with hijab for my wedding on nov 10. this my page


  49. cecille says:

    i like the brown one…its what i wanted to wear on my wedding day..i will make a changes though since i think m bigger than the one wearing it..hehe
    keep posting dresses like these..thnk u very much

  50. Habibat says:

    Sorry about d injury,hope u are now much better,i cant wait to get pictures of muslim wedding gowns

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