The lovely designs of Reham Farouq

YAY! I just discovered some new designs of Egyptian designer Reham Farouq. Enjoy it. I know I did 🙂 Does she still design for Veil? Does anybody know?

Owwwww, how I love the last outfit with the abaya/jilbab/galabiya like dress 🙂 Which one of these is your favorite outfit? Are you loving or leaving the Egyptian hijab style?

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38 thoughts on “The lovely designs of Reham Farouq

  1. Celeritas says:

    Loving pretty much everything! I wish I could buy some.

  2. Berak says:

    Beautiful Mashallah…..they are fashion alright! Great for weddings and other such events but not really everyday wear especially in the Western world!

  3. Muslimah says:

    MashaALLAH nice
    I want the dress))
    have they a website
    where can we bey it?

  4. Pixie a.k.a Beautiful Muslimah says:

    Id wear them all and most every day, but then, I don’t care what anyone thinks very much:D

  5. Umm Kadhim says:

    Assalaam aleikoem

    I like the dresses but the way they wear their hijab is not my style.

  6. rosie-b says:

    Too cute! Love the jeans and brown shirt

  7. Tudung says:

    I love this collection!! Do you have more of those?


  8. hansa says:

    I just love these! Probably my favourite thing on your site 🙂

  9. Madiha M.K says:

    omg I love the last one tooooooo! I WOULD TOTALLY WEAR THAT!!

    They sell that stuff here. It’s a SHAME I’m BROKE. lol

    I’ve been broke for so long lol.

    • umm says:

      As wr sister madiha

      please can you tell me their website or how i can go about purchasing their abayas i am from uk and i have searched online edlessley to find their website but no joy 😥

      JazakAllah sis


  10. Kat says:

    I love the Egyptian hijab style. I especially love the brown leopard print outfit!

  11. memuna ali says:

    i love this is there a website where i can buy a couple of them

  12. simsim says:

    The hijabs are fantastic but its the clothes i love more than anything. You just cant get dresses like that in the UK. Does anyone know of any websites that do these kinds of clothes/fashions?? Please, please, please!

  13. mama ikhwan says:

    the dresses are nice but i suppose not to be worn in front of the ajnabis as the dresses are all body hugging… right?

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  16. ladymuslima says:

    Salams sis,

    I really love your blog, masha Allah.
    I’m starting out a hijabi blog / online store my self (from Indonesia), can I link your blog in mine?

    Please check out my store, hopefully you’ll find it interesting. I promise I’ll keep on adding new stuff in there 🙂

  17. Lalida says:

    Salam Sis,
    these are lovely, I want to buy some. can you please give em the website where I can buy them form?
    JazakAllah Khair!!!

  18. amanda says:

    ohoo masaAllah i fall in love with the white dress!!!!

  19. amatullah4ever says:

    I luv some of the jilbabs!! Does he hav an online shop??

  20. muslimehya says:


    plzplz tell me were i can but this kind of the 1 and the second pic plzplzplz i want to but them..

  21. FatimaZahra says:

    Wooow, the egyptian style is wonderful, i live in France, and im ready to wear them ALL 🙂

    Could you plz give the website where i can buy them from?

    Thx in advance

  22. saf says:

    where can we buy this stuff from?

  23. Mehwish says:

    Salaaam.. like lots of other ladies here…I TOOOO WANNA KNOW where i can buy these dresses,i’ll pay anything!!!!! i hope the designer runs an online shop,anybody know of it, by any chance 🙂 ?

  24. Zahra Bateni says:

    Hi there,I fell in love with ur website already.I have a question,like the abaya in the 7th row on the right side,is it available for to order online?
    or they are really expensive?
    With lots of best wishes for u and all the people watching!!!

  25. Nona says:

    Plz ya gama3a , can anyone tell me where i can these specific dresses for reham farouq darory plz cause i gonna travel and i need to buy these stuff.

  26. Arsala says:

    1 and 11 are stunning

  27. Choco Fountain says:

    I really luv all of them, can’t decide which one to choose. They look so cute, covered, and comfortable as well. Luv how the Egyptians do the wrapping on hijab since I’m pretty bored with Indonesian style of hijab (i’m an indonesian don’t get me wrong!!! lol)

  28. tahani says:

    i like the brown one with white shirt….well, i don’t like the egyptian style because they mix more than one colour without coordinating them.

  29. TANTI says:


  30. Seifeddine says:

    Lovely, i like them all so much. I live in the Netherlands, so can u please give me an address where i can buy them?

  31. vie says:

    soo cute……love it

  32. Azza says:

    I love the designs they are so modern and so feminine.
    The designerherself is a chic example.
    Where does Reham Farouk sell them?? How can I contact her??
    Looking forward to your reply

  33. Aicha says:

    Beautiful dresses!
    Does the designer have a website where one can buy??

  34. qorazone says:

    I love the dress,but no for those jilbabs style.

  35. Israa says:

    I love the second one…. the one with the white galabeya thing with the gold writing on it and a long pink dress-jacket over it. Its extremely stylish and probably something i can wear to a party or on picture day to school. I live in America so i want really stylish things but things that cover up well. I love this blog!

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