Turkish formal and bridal hijab style

I love the creativity of the different styles of hijab wraps they make at Ayse Kuafor. As you might remember, I have posted about these wonderful formal styles earlier, here and here. Well, they have got some new pictures up, which are worth checking out if you need inspiration for the next wedding party or formal occation (sorry for the red water marks right across every picture).

I love the way the scarves are wrapped here, and the colors too (the green color is fab). Although the “cakey” dresses are not my favorites, I love the red dress (have something very close to it, just way less tight)…

Then, if you trust your wrapping abilities and is getting married soon, or if you are just dreaming, check out these wedding wraps:

CUTE! I want to attend somebodys wedding… Like right now!!!! Playing dress up is fun. And all that food is not bad either. What do you think? Would you try any of these styles?

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33 thoughts on “Turkish formal and bridal hijab style

  1. Janan says:

    lol. i was just looking at her site last week. day dreaming bout my own wedding coming up this summer.

  2. basbousa says:

    Owwww! Mabrook, congrats! Lucky you. Did you decide what to wear?

  3. hansa says:

    They look a little too fancy/frilly for me, but I like the green hijab style.

  4. Kat says:

    I love the style, but i wish I could find a website that was in English

  5. sandy says:

    hi i would like to no wear i could buy hijab from u guys that already made like one in the pic thank you

  6. rosie-b says:

    Fun to look at, but my poofy dress days are over (sigh)

  7. mia says:

    Too puffy for my liking, the yellow one looks like a pineapple.

  8. Janan says:

    Thanks! No, Basbousa I haven’t found anything yet. :-/ I was speaking to him about it today actually and We’ve come up with two ideas. Since he is a designer, either we will design and make the dress together or we’ll design it and send it to one of his friends to whip up. So I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve been drawing things up like mad though. INshallah!

  9. basbousa says:

    Girl, you are so lucky… Insha’a Allah I will do the same when I get married (though that will most likely not happen very soon :P).. I will probably have to take the drawings to a tailor as I’m not blessed with being surrounded by designers 🙂 LUCKY!!! I hope you have a wonderful time planning and everything! It sure will be exciting!!!

  10. amanda says:

    selam!Oh i love this style…at my wedding i wasnt dress up like that-well,we was young and we dont have so much money;-)
    Congratulation -Tebrikler to janan!:-)

  11. Madiha M.K says:

    I like it but I don’t like how its on top of the head like that. Then again, it’s not hair.

  12. mariam says:

    hi…my bro gettin married soon n i would really love to do something doifferent to my hijab…does anyone know where i can get this kinda look from n does anyone in the uk do it…obviously not like the bridal style…alot more suttle…plz let me know….tanx

  13. Amber says:


    I really like the Turkish wedding hijab style. But how do they gather the hijab material at the side/back of the head? Is there a tutorial on this?

  14. mariam says:

    As salam walekum the bridal outfits in white r fab would love to wear one on my wedding to . bt from wer do i get them and hw do i drap them myself

    • Michelle Yeung-Harmer says:

      Asalamu alaikum Mariam,

      If you’re in or near Toronto, let me know and I can put you in touch with my wedding designer – she’s fabulous and made me a lovely outfit. I wouldn’t recommend a DIY job for your wedding, it’s too special a day to risk it.

  15. Inaya Shujaat says:

    I like the scarves, but I don’t like how the neck is exposed in so many pictures.

    I really like Turkish styling; they are really quite creative when it comes to hijab, eh?

    Oh, and how are they getting the scarf in that shape at the front? They must be using a bit of plastic underneath to hold the shape. I wonder if I would lok totally freaky if I tried it! 😛

  16. sara says:

    i love it, but has more than necessary colours and decorative things.

    • Michelle Yeung-Harmer says:

      Asalamu alaikum,

      I agree with you Sara, it’s also a little colourful for me, as a white wedding is my traditional look. For my waleema in June, I had a FANTASTIC veil, all made of structured tulle and custom made for me (in off-white).

  17. Hi; You can reach us over facebook now. Search for AL-MOTAHAJIBA.
    I hope you join out community. Thanks….

  18. mira says:

    Does anyone know of any websites where its in english and we can buy hijabs already put into those styles?

    Do they sew the fabric into the shape of flowers for those hijabs or do you have to put it together yourself?

  19. Mirna says:

    My wedding is this june and I haven’t been sure how I want to do my hijab style. BUT I am currently in love with the first row the one on the right style! its somewhat simple and love how the veil drops out from the style! I think thats what I want for my wedding!! love it!! ❤

  20. fati_gh says:

    j’aime bcp ce style, elle est tres b

  21. I love the style. Really nice blog. Thnx buddy.

  22. Asma says:

    A lot of those are fabulous, but I have to say, the first yellow look is a little to Big Bird from Sesame Street!
    Great blog, mashaAllah 🙂

  23. hijabestore says:

    I love the creatiity!!

  24. Fatimeh says:

    Try Tekbir Giyim, they now have a shop in London. the site is http://www.tekbirclothing.co.uk

  25. aeesha usman says:

    I love the dresses especially the red.

  26. sabahat says:

    Salam alikum,
    wow, gorgeous collection,the red fairy like modest dress really touches the heart,the green along yellow contrast is fascinting but the white bridal modest dress brings indeed modesty and give a amazing soft and lovely touch,well done.
    Kindly,also visit us modestvision for the unique range of jilbabs, abayas,hijab caps ,kufins and thobes are available also at wholesale prices ,we would love your’s visit and include your online shopping list.
    Visit us.
    Jazak allah khair for your precious time.

  27. i want to wear hejab on my wedding day..i like all the style of your hejab fashion…

  28. Hijab says:

    MASHALLAH, all are very pretty

  29. Aisha says:

    http://www.hazirturban.org and http://www.aishasbridal.com you can see our new ready to wear hijabs and ready to wear bridal hijabs models and you can buy online… Thanks…

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