Hijabs High – the Muslim sartorialist

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the concept of the sartorialist: a blog full of pictures of people on the streets that dress unique.. Hijabs High is a newly started blog that features a picture of a stylish Muslimah sister every day. How cool! Since they have only been going on for a week or so, the blog isn’t loaded with pictures yet, but you should definitely check back… What they have up so far seems rather promising…

I heart the first look the most. And the girl is soo beautiful, masha’a Allah. Yallah, check out more pictures here. What do you think? Isn’t the blog a great idea?

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46 thoughts on “Hijabs High – the Muslim sartorialist

  1. S says:

    very nice, but uh, aren’t the images copyrighted?

  2. Sanaa says:

    I love the first one. DO you know how to pull it off?

  3. Umm Ibrahim says:

    Honestly I’m not a huge fan of this idea…all we need are more people running around snapping pictures of “street fashion”…Personally anytime I am outside and within the vicinity of anyone with a camera I get nervous and move away quickly because who knows what someone is going to do with your picture…
    There are so many nasty, covered women fetish groups out there.

  4. Mina says:

    Mashallah looks interesting…i like the 1st one somthing i wear sometimes…

    Jazakallah khair for the link:)

  5. Sharshura says:

    I love it!! I like today’s hijab covergirl the best!! ;~)

  6. Melda says:

    Aww masha’allah, I love the scond pic, it’s sooooo beautiful! :o)

  7. Sophie says:

    i love the first style! i would so snatch her wardrobe lol MashAllah:D

  8. Madiha M.K says:

    Wow its like a hijabi Chictopia.com!! Awesome 🙂

    But – it really scares me. It’s enough I see a lot of hijabis promoting their legging, tight jean, boob groping outfits on various community blogs n such. I’m scared how this will loosen the requirements of Hijab.

    I can just imagine a bunch of 13-17 year old muslim girls going: “wooow, I didnt know I could wear that and be a hijabi!! better than naked, right?? yay!”

    I know, cuz that’s how I used to feel lol. God I hope Allah guides us all.

  9. Miss Abaya says:

    salam sis!im from malaysia n im just luv ur blog!really!can i link ur blog in mine?fi amanillah..tq

  10. basbousa says:

    Madiha: How aaaare you? I see your point. But it’s not for everybody to start wearing proper hijab 3la tool. By the way, when are you going to grace the blog with another hijabilicious post 😀
    Miss Abaya: Thanks 🙂 Sure you can!

  11. hal786 says:

    Assalamualaikum iman
    u no my hal786 blog well ive started another blog lol a hijabi one check it out

    its http://www.ihijabi.wordpress.com

    and i know i told u ages ago that i’d link ur blog to my hal786..and u put up my link but i never put up urs ..n i c uve taken off my link lol so its ok, …when i DO put up links of ppls blogs that i visit i’ll tell u inshallah (its cuz i hav so many blogs i isit so i took ALL of the links off my blog lol, so when i do put em up i want to put put em mostly all the ones i visit frequently it wudnt be fair otherwise wud it??) so when i do inshallah i’ll tell u and then maybe after that u can link my hal786 blog again???
    jazakallah sis

  12. hal786 says:

    oh yh in in case u didnt no.. wordpress has this new comment faure thing wich ive got on my blog ..u can directly reply back to certain comments i duno i find it much easier maybe u’d like it too??

  13. curiousmuslimah says:

    That is a very cool blog!

  14. amanda says:

    wow,its fabulous.really!Did you just ask the girls for the pics?Go on sister

  15. sabiha says:

    i think it is a good idea to see muslimwomen ways of wearing hijab .Also to see how some of us don’t still understand what is hijab by wearing tight clothes or showing half of their hair… i like most the picture on top on the right MASHAALLAH elegant and “real hijabi.”

  16. Anna Almaz says:

    Nice photos
    Did anyone of u order hijabs/turbans from Wegdan Hamza from Cairo?
    They didn`t open their webshop yet, so I am wondering about how the payments are done. The design is so lovely though.
    have a nice day all ladies!

  17. City HIjabi says:

    Assalamwalaikum sister,

    I love your blog, it’s full of inspiration mashallah!

    I have a blog that features some hijab fashion too but also anything to do with Islam, a reverts section and I welcome sisters to write for the blog too. Have a look & tell me what you think!

    Keep up the good work with yours x

  18. reyhane says:

    I am an iranin girl and i saw ur blog adress in an iranian magzine!
    its a cool blog thank you but i have an idea that i think it can be useful 4 u:
    youknow hijab in islam is not just limited to hair and includes many parts such as hands,neck,chin &… but in some clips and pics that u have on ur blog is shown that the hair(only) hashijab .
    and anothr matter is that islam also tells us to dont make up when theres a stanger man(to avoid attracting their attention ) but in these pics & clips making up doesnt matter and jst Hair is important.
    at last i want to say im sorry becaus of my english & i know its not fl uent i wishyou excuse me!
    i am waiting 4 ur reply

  19. It’s so good to see your blog alive again! I’ve been off line because the computer was down with a virus. Uuuugh!

    I’ve started a private hijabi blog but I don’t want to publish my email on any of my blogs for all of the world to see so I’ll say it here!

    I’d love to have any of the Hijab Blog readers join in! If you’re interested, here’s my email:


    I’ll add you to the list!

    Last night I was having a load of fun trying out different ways to style hijab scarves. Once I have the photos on disk (can’t just download them on the puter…) I’ll post them on my blog (but don’t laugh too hard hahahaha!)

  20. Lateefa says:

    Assalamualikum sisters. The pictures are nice, but the hijabs are another sobject. The point is to dress with modesty, as not to attract! with that goes, colors, stil and the rest of the clothes. We are the Ghurabaa.

    Allah SWT says;
    And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their beauty,… Surah Al-Noor ,31. Sisters, we are the flag of Al-Islam! We should be known as Muslim women, the plesure of Ar-Rahman, Al-Malik & the hereafter is Wallahi more important. May Allah SWT have merci on us & guide us InshaAllah.

  21. salaamz sis ive been following your blog for a while now and i just wanted to say its greattttttt i love all your info on hijab i wish we had half the great scarfs here in australia its all boring here even the fashion for scarfiez is boring. love your stuff keep it up take care your sis in aus =D

  22. Inaya Shujaat says:

    Some of the styles are not very modest, and I have a problem with that. Not that I am one of those people who thinks that you must wear a black sheet over your head or anything; I just get irritated at this “hotjabi” fashion of wearing skin tight clothes, tucked in shirts, and a little scarf on the head. Hijab is not just a scarf. It’s all over modesty. We can be fashionable without being “fitnastic.”

  23. sis says:

    thank you for letting me know about the new blogg I will check it out, thanks , take care.wasalaam

  24. fufu says:

    wow the first picture on the 2nd row looks like a man wearing a hijab. The he/she needs a wakeup call…..her hijab does not match her outfit AT ALL!!! I recommend that she wears one of those giant black burquas that cover every single part of the body, espeacially the face!!! may i suggest a plastic surgeon?

  25. […] Another thanks to The HijablogHijablog for posting about it in her tres chic blog. […]

  26. Fatima says:

    Salaam! I absolutley looove your blog. I just checked out the hijabi pictures website, it was so cool!
    So I recently started wearing hijab, and soon after seeing all the incredible muslim fashion blogs (like yours!) I decided to start one myself. Check it out?
    Fatima, hautehijabi.blogspot.com/

  27. ina says:

    hi, i tried out something like this a while ago for the street styles here in indonesia. it would be cool to have a ‘hijab sartorialist’ from all parts of the world.. do visit and comment 😉

  28. Mannal says:

    AoA, I just came across your blog. I fouind an image I liked through a search and it came from your page it was Pink Hijabi Ribbon for breast cancer 10/29/ ….. 08, i didnt realize it was 08 till late. can you tell me if you know if there is another pink hijab day this year? I posted it to my fb .
    Thank you

  29. tarek says:

    Me and my sister enjoyed reading your blog 🙂

  30. Sharshura says:

    Has my favorite hijabi blogger returned?? Btw I love the new layout!!! Orange is my favorite color. I have missed you and I hope everything is ok.

  31. hal786 says:

    Assalamualaikum imaan!!
    new layout..so are you back? i’ve missed you!
    But where’s the ‘r.i.p’ post gone to?
    and this is an old post, so whats happening?

  32. Maria Oganessian says:

    Check out this websites about designed modern hijabs




    I think you guys would like it: The first girl is a muslim designer living in sweden and the other one is just about covering up your head!

    Good Luck! And Nice blog by the way !

  33. nice blog…stumbled upon ur blog looking for all black abayat n hijab style..hee

  34. warda says:

    very nice blog…..

  35. faïza says:

    Salamalikoum, your blog is a real inspiration with good ideas and beautiful fotos.
    I live in France (sorry for my english…) and I wear hijab.
    Good continuation§§§

  36. Feel free to check our hijab collection at
    The very low price hijab with good design.

    Best Regards from Indonesia

  37. hassnaa says:

    salam i really like ur blog and it inspired to create my own about the moroccan qaftan check it out passionqaftanblogspot.com n tell me what do u think of the official outfit of my country

  38. Denise says:

    I was looking at your website and found it fascinating. Some very beautiful clothes and cultured out there that I have not had the opportunity to be exposed to.

    I was wondering whether you were going to do a wedding special?

  39. Well i really like your blog. Thanks for sharing amazing info. For a muslim women hijab and abaya is her jewelry.

  40. Leila and Aliya says:

    My sister and I just made a blog and we would luv your feedback on what to write bout. your blog is cool; i luv the hijab fashion ideas except some of them are so tight and showing it makes me feel like the purpose of hijab is defeated. of course i do believe in looking good and wearing hijab its just skinnies and tight midriff tops dont look good….
    anywho away from the rant and back to my blog lol

    thnx alot sister!

    -Aliya and Leila

  41. Mash Allah very nice. Thanks for sharing good informative posting in your blog.

  42. saliha says:

    Wonderful hijab design . Arab muslim girls



  43. fardos@gmail.com says:

    Hi. Please Visit my Blog. It is for young muslim woman who want hijab fashion advice or just ideas. We talk about all kinds of subjects also. Thank you. Here is the link—->http://fufumuslimahswag.blogspot.com/

  44. Razia says:

    Mash Allah great post! I like it. Thanks for sharing………………

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