Casually Camouflaged

Keeping it relaxed and casual for the first day of classes.

Scarf: Bershka, shirt: Ebay, top: Forever21, pants: Ebay, bag: Forever21, shoes: Aldo, accessories: Asos, Ebay, River Island

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9 thoughts on “Casually Camouflaged

  1. Memo says:

    i like,,, ur courage…
    that wt i call ” courage ” …
    2 wear UNusual stuff…& tht wt makes me check ur blog ^& read ur stuff.
    *_____* kp it up!!!

  2. beaupeep says:

    Reblogged this on joaniewalker and commented:
    So beautiful manshallah

  3. Amira M says:

    Idk how you got that shirt pattern to look ok with camo stuff but u def. pulled it off, mA.

  4. Mal Kin says:

    That is a serious amount of hijab! How did you do that? I do mean that, please tell me or post a how-to video.

    • Imaan says:

      Not sure whether this is a compliment or not 😀 Either way, it is my “folding technique” coupled with a crinkled scarf (which adds a lot extra volume). I’ll try to do a how-to sometime soon 🙂

  5. Ayse Hasircilar GOKCEK - AYSE KUAFOR says:


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