Fall Flowers

A little jacquard, a little floral. A little pastel since I’m not giving up on summer yet, despite the rainy weather.

Scarf: H&M, shirt: Boohoo, top: Forever21, pants: Asos, bag: New Look, shoes: Steve Madden, accessories: Icing, Asos, Ebay

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4 thoughts on “Fall Flowers

  1. Amira M says:

    Awwww fresh! How do u come up with these combinations? I like the pants

  2. Nasra says:

    Would you please do a tutorial on this hijabstyle ? Pretty please ! And do you live in Norway ? I live on Norway too , do you think one day we could meet and you could give me a fashion lesson . Both me and my sister . Am 13 and my sister 9 . We both love you !

    • Imaan says:

      Nasra, thanks 🙂 I’ll see if I can make hijab tutorials sometime in the future. No, unfortunately I haven’t been living in Norway for about 4 years, but I visit from time to time ..

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