Flower Child

Must.. Stop.. Oversizing my head. Obviously a case of a bad hijab day. How do you deal with those?

Scarves: Egypt (old), shirt: Stradivarius, top: Boohoo, pants: Asos, purse: Guess (old), shoes: Shi (old), Accessories: Asos, Ebay

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6 thoughts on “Flower Child

  1. Amira M says:

    Wow! Haha yeah your head is a lil big here, not gonna lie, but it looks stylish tho! And the colors of the outfit are purrrfect!

  2. Anita says:

    The turban is nice, but would probably look nicer a little bit smaller. It is good that you show us how to wear these styles without compromising modesty. As a convert I have non Muslim family members being way more comfortable with turbans and stuff, but I don’t want to show my neck, so it is great that you demonstrate that it can be done and still look good. As for dealing with bad hijab days, I guess that is just something that is bound to happen 😦

  3. caraboska says:

    This. Is. Gorgeous. And I don’t mind the gigantic turban – I’m over 6 feet tall, I can handle it without looking ridiculous. The only question is, how to tie such a turban?

    • Imaan says:

      Caraboska, you’re back!!! (Well, to be fair, I’m the one who’s been missing). I will try to make a tutorial sometime soon 🙂 Keep coming back!

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