Neon Lights

What’s good about brights and neons is that my pale face magically appears not as pale. Also, I’m a brown-eyed girl today 🙂 Did you ever try experimenting with colored contacts? How do you wear your neons?

Scarf: H&M, Vero Moda, shirt: Boohoo, shirt: River Island, bag: Steve Madden (old), shoes: Forever21, accessories: Stradivarius, River Island, Asos

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7 thoughts on “Neon Lights

  1. Memo says:

    i luv the combination
    sooooooo mch 😉

    bt take off the yellow scarf ,
    jst kp up wth the beigeee veil.

    it wld loooook “stUNNNNNNNNING =D

  2. Amira M says:

    Cooooool! I have a hard time trying to wear neon so I keep away from it. But now I’m getting inspired, so who knows, lol!

  3. Me says:

    Salam sis!
    this is 2 nice, really like da combo, the best outfit on the blog??

    i have to disagree with Amira M .. the yellow scarf are just perfect


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