Pop Culture

First off; I’ve discovered that my style points drop drastically the further I get into each school semester.. Second; the pants I’m wearing here actually came with a warning that they’re neon hued – a main reason why I ended up buying them. Needless to say, the warning was somewhat exaggerated… How do you manage to keep up with style in busy time periods? And how do you deal with online shopping disappointments?

Scarf: Egypt (?), shirt: Ebay, top: Forever21, pants: River Island, purse: River Island, shoes: Aldo, accessories: Urban Outfitters, ASOS, River Island.

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4 thoughts on “Pop Culture

  1. Marmar says:

    I lovvve the necklace (where is it from) and the pants. They look good, U should be happy with them. This is a nice casual outfit. PS. I think u look better with the hijab tied up like u do in some posts.

  2. Amira M says:

    Haha I really like the colors but I wonder what my kids would say to those glasses. Anyways, style is still good. I know I can’t keep up with style that well with kids running around and all ^_^

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