Lazy Neutrals

Nothing is more comfy than maxi skirts with oversized sweaters. No, not even sweatpants. Funny thing though – when I went to try on this sweater the fitting room attendant kept harassing me to get a smaller size. She just wouldn’t give up trying to convince me that it was going to be way too big, even when I explained that that was the look I was going for, and seemed genuinely pissed when I ended up buying it in large. That’s how shopping in Egypt works; the customer seldom knows best. Have you had similar shopping experiences? How do you dress for lazy days?

Scarves: Forever21 & Egypt, sweater: Vero Moda, skirt: Boohoo (old), bag: New Look, shoes: Aldo, accessories: River Island, Ebay

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8 thoughts on “Lazy Neutrals

  1. Latifa says:

    Tis not rlly my styll, but no hating tho. u rokk it well!

  2. Anita says:

    I love this! It is so simple yet elegant, and really modest too.

  3. Amira M says:

    This is niceee! Really something I could wear and still be able to keep up with the kids and daily chores. Thanks for keeping it modest!

  4. Sarah says:

    Would you please do a hijab tutorial on this style ? I can’t find anything like your hijabstyle on Youtube ! Would you please do it ? I feel so ugly with the way i wear it. It would really boost up my confidence and make me feel beautiful . But if you can’t , do you know about a hijabtutorial with your hijab style ?? I live in Norway , do you know about clothing shops with dresses and hijabs ? ( In Oslo )

    Thank you for this blog , i really love it . And you’re beautiful ❤

    • Imaan says:

      Sarah, thank you so much! I will try to do so 🙂 There are several hijab tutorials on Youtube, and it is probably possible to find something close to my style. Don’t feel ugly though; everybody’s beautiful in their own way; some people are just better at highlighting their good sides. I don’t currently live in Oslo, but if I did I would probably just shop at the normal stores (H&M, Zara, Mango, Gina, Vero Moda, etc). I hope that helps 😀

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