Deep Red Plaid

In a lot of ways, this was just not my day. I tried to use my car for the first time after a rather dramatic accident this weekend (trying to avoid a raccoon on the highway) and it just wouldn’t start. Later, I had multiple minor kitchen incidents. One light at the end of the dark tunnel that was my day; the weather has become cool enough for outerwear 😀

Scarf: Ebay, vest: Forever21, shirt: H&M, top: Forever21, pants: ASOS, bag: ASOS, shoes: Ebay,accessories: ASOS, Ebay, H&M

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8 thoughts on “Deep Red Plaid

  1. Anonymous says:

    ILOVE YOUR STYLE. But I never understood how one could wear a headscarf that way. I feel like it might be encumbering no? I try to keep mine simple but again I come from a country where we always wear it simple so we don’t understand other ways of wearing it lol. But it feels heavy and a little excessive to me, however you pull it off. Love the pants especially.

    • Imaan says:

      Thanks!! My hijab style is actually very comfortable in the fall and winter – it keeps the cold out, but I’m sympathetic to other viewpoints as well; my mom thinks it looks like an egg ;D

  2. Latifa says:

    Luv u do tis! De furr is awsum wit de pants n de glasses! N I wanna kno how u do de scarrf!

  3. Mai Ahmed says:

    Salam, I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say I am really loving what you do! You are truly an inspiration, not only representing us Muslim women with style and class , but looks like you have the brains as well, mashallah! Inshallah you will succeed in in all your endeavors.

  4. Marmar says:

    Hey so mA, these colors look good on u and u inspire me to wear patterns I haven’t tried before.

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