Patriotic Peplum

Yesterday I was invited to a presidential debate watch potluck where we were told to dress in red, white, and blue. Not being a big fan of flag colors – and not an American to start with – I reached a happy compromise of wine red, white, and lavender. My patriotic Syrian-American roommate was not amused. Do you ever dress all patriotic with flag or school colors for debates/game days/special occasions? Did you watch yesterday’s debate?

Scarf: Ebay, peplum top: H&M, pleated maxi skirt: Gina Tricot, faux fur: Boohoo, bag: Aldo, platform pumps: Aldo, accessories: Ebay

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2 thoughts on “Patriotic Peplum

  1. Ina says:

    This is lovely! Where is the skirt from? Can you get it in the States?

  2. Marmar says:

    I do wear flag colors and school colors. I don’t mind them, but I think u gave it an elegant twist here!

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