Baroque Blues

I wore this outfit more than a week ago, and I have definitely worn more blog-worthy outfits since; it is just all about the lack of time once again. Hopefully I’ll get to update more frequently in the coming days as I will have some time off for Thanksgiving – yay!

Now an unrelated note: For the last year I’ve been giving out a lot of my clothes that I don’t use anymore to people who may actually use them. About 1/3 to 1/2 of the clothes in my closet has found new owners since then. Only yesterday did I really think about how much those clothes can mean to fellow Muslim women. A lady I know recently returned from Haj this year and started wearing hijab, but with her limited income and the even more limited amounts of clothes in her closet that are good for hijab doing so seemed to me an extra challenge in her already tough life. It took me some time to figure out how to ask her whether she might want some of my scarves and clothes that I don’t use, but I’m glad I did; she appeared genuinely thankful and happy about this suggestion. I guess the point about the story is that we sometimes take for granted a lot of things that we have; things other people find much value in. Thus, even though it may be sad to part with some items that have been with you for a while, you should give, give, give them away if you really don’t wear them and have the means to do so.

Scarf: Ebay, sweater: H&M, baroque patterned pants: ASOS, bag: Accessorize, studded sneakers: Aldo, accessories: Ebay, Urban Outfitters, Gina Tricot, H&M

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One thought on “Baroque Blues

  1. eallind says:

    million love this outfit!

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