Casual Camel

I don’t often pull a pair of jeans out of my closet to wear so when I do, I feel super casual. Last school year was even less of a denim year for me, and so when I finally wore a pair in the end of the winter semester, a colleague pointed it out with surprise; she thought it had been against my religion to wear jeans or something like that (I did wear normal non-denim pants, so I don’t know how one would reach that conclusion). It goes to show how veiled women must be extra mindful of how others perceive us and our antics, as it is extremely easy for people unfamiliar with Islam to tie what we are and what we do to the religion as a whole.

In any case this is what I wore yesterday. I like the messy asymmetrical way I wrapped my turban, but I think there’s way too much camel going on here – I would have chosen a teal/mint colored bag instead if I had one.

Floral square scarf: H&M, faux leather vest with attached layer: Pitaya, oversized sweater: H&M, jeans: Pull & Bear, bag: Guess, knee-high boots: Tata Tio (Egypt), accessories: Ebay

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One thought on “Casual Camel

  1. nice! looks good! I also dont wear much denim since last year 🙂

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