Mom’s Bag

The weather across the Midwest has been really brutal for the last couple of days; today it was somewhat more normal. Thus, I could actually leave the house not looking like the Michelin Man. Layering has its limits, you know.


I started this outfit by picking out my shoes. They have a lot going on in terms of pattern, colors, and texture, and are difficult to add to a look as a last step. Unfortunately, the bad lighting in the photos does not give them justice. My bag is yet another messy-patterned fab that I don’t get to wear too often – it is a vintage Dior raided from my mom’s closet a summer ago.


Scarf: Ebay, faux fur: Boohoo, camel colored cape: Boohoo, top: River Island, metallic baroque print pants: ASOS, bag: Dior (vintage), shoes: Forever21, accessories: H&M, Charlotte Russe, ASOS, Ebay

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