Art of Embellishment

Just a very quick OOTD with my over-embellished bomber jacket. This jacket is similar to what I would imagine to find in the closet of a fancy granny/tacky auntie but I love it nevertheless. Often times I find that slightly weird pieces have way more style potential than cute, safe ones. Those of my friends who’ve ever gone shopping with me keep feeling sorry for the clothes I check out in the stores. “Ooooooooo, this is really ugly but awesome with the right stuff! I think I want it,” is not an unusual comment for me to make about something I’m eying.



Headscarf: Ebay, eternity scarf: ASOS, sequined bomber jacket; ASOS, denim shirt; Ebay, pleated maxi skirt: Boohoo, bag: Steve Madden, studded peep toe ankle boots: River Island, accessories: Ebay, ASOS.

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2 thoughts on “Art of Embellishment

  1. The jacket is the BOMB ! love it masaallah !

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