Rocking Graphics

For the first time in two years of living in this city, I managed to get on the wrong bus and didn’t figure out until a while later since I was busy with my phone. Fittingly, I also started my day on the “wrong foot”, waking up one hour earlier than I had to today, not realizing until I got to the bus stop. First world problems hit me hard today. Other than that, I stopped by our campus’ Urban Outfitters, and right when I came in the door, some sweet street style reporter asked to take a picture and my info. Unfortunately, even though I asked twice, I missed the name of the site she’s working with, but I’ll definitely put up a link once she emails it to me, iA. The interesting thing about this is that she asked me to describe my style, something I really didn’t attempt to do before. So what’s my style? Maximalism. I know it is not really a word, but since I wear so many different styles of clothes; from boho glam to neon and sneakers; what really defines my style throughout is the philosophy that more is more. Layering, accessories, textures, colors. When it comes to clothing, too much is just about right to me.



Scarf: Egypt, faux fur vest: Boohoo, leather jacket; Pitaya, grey embellished denim shirt; Only (Norway), graphic tank top: River Island, jacquard pants; ASOS, studded backpack: ASOS, ankle boots: Forever21, accessories; Ebay.

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One thought on “Rocking Graphics

  1. Sabina says:

    Beautiful! As really do have great

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