Grandma’s Tapestry

I will truly miss this season’s exquisite fabrics and opulent prints and patterns; from jacquard, to tapestry, to heavily embellished pieces. The spikes, studs, and general excess of FW12 will not be given up easily either, although the next season is not too shabby. Thus, I’m using pieces like this pair of tapestry pants for all their worth until the weather gets warmer. Did you enjoy the more dramatic selection in stores this season? What looks are you eying for the next?



Scarf: Egypt, faux fur: H&M, studded and embellished denim and faux leather vest: River Island, faux leather jacket: Pitaya, dip back shirt: ASOS, tapestry pants: ASOS, clutch: Francesca, boots: Ebay, accessories: Asos

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One thought on “Grandma’s Tapestry

  1. Sabina says:

    Love your trousers.seriously pretty!

    One question? Which country are u originally from? Its just u mention so many countries so im confused lol xx

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