The Cutest Modest Swimsuit in Town

Looking for the cutest Islamic swimsuit on the market? Stop looking, already!

I’ve had the great honor of receiving one of Madamme BK’s modest swimwear sets (courtesy of Couture Swim N’ Sport who’s the exclusive retailer of the brand here in the US) and I can honestly say it is the best looking modest swimsuit I’ve ever encountered. I’ve owned one Islamic swimsuit previously, but it is not even at a comparable level…  Whereas my old swimsuit is made of a rough, thick material that is painful to wear in the summer heat if one is not in the water, Madamme BK’s swimwear line is made out of high-quality Italian textile – the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. So comfortable that I kept wearing it under my abaya after finishing the pictures. I swear, it beats a pajama!


The swimsuit I chose comes in three pieces; a cap (which I am not wearing in the pictures), a long tunic-top with a turtleneck for coverage, and skinny pants. Now some of their swim suits come with the option of wider pants, although I must note here that if you are a serious swimmer, you’ll be much better off with the skinnies. My previous swimsuit had wide-legged pants with elastic bands at the bottom, but not only did they fill with water making swimming difficult; they would still stick to my body like skinny pants when I exited the water. The top is really modest without looking frumpy, and the sleeves are sewn onto the bodice in a way that allows for maximal movement. I am not wearing the cap in the pictures because I would not normally do so if going to the beach; I prefer a more voluminous look. Then again, I’m more of a lounging on the beach and playing in the water person than an avid swimmer, so if that is your thing, the cap should come in handy.

Their options do not end there, by the way. The line of Madamme BK modest swimsuits ranges from full-coverage ensembles with attached head coverings to non-headscarf two-piece sets with capris and ¾ sleeve tops – just perfect for non-hijabis who still like to maintain a certain level of modesty while at the beach. Also, most models come in a variety of color combinations, so you should definitely have a look at the Couture Swim N Sport website to get a sense of the full range of options.


The best part about all of this??? As a Hijablog reader you’ll have the chance to win a Madamme BK swimsuit of your choice, courtesy of Couture Swim N Sport. All you have to do to have a shot at this wonderful giveaway is to A) Share the review picture of the Madamme BK swimsuit found on The Hijablog’s Facebook site, B) Like Couture Swim N Sport on Facebook, C) Like The Hijablog on Facebook. The giveaway will close at Midnight (EST) March 8, and one lucky person will be the proud owner of a brand new Madamme BK product to their liking.


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5 thoughts on “The Cutest Modest Swimsuit in Town

  1. Storyteller says:

    That looks amazing!!

  2. mizdeeza says:

    This looks like a complete outfit!!! But I’d totally rock this over any bikini (not like I swim, lol)

    • MarSea Modest Swim & Stretchwear offers over 30 styles designed for women & girls who want modest swimwear coverage * for religious reasons * for personal modesty (to cover age/weight/medical imperfections)
      * for added sunprotection

      Made from high-quality Italian nylon/lycra swimwear fabric which is chlorine resistant, non-transparent, UV50+ protective, lightweight & quick-drying.
      Some styles suitable for maternity wear.
      Plus sizes available.
      Mastectomy option available.
      Made in Israel
      Now also available Cotton/Spandex stretchwear: Pencil skirts, Lacey Leggings, Lacey Shells, Lacey Vests

      Please visit our website & contact us for further information.

      Marci Rapp, MarSea Modest Swim & Stretchwear
      Cover what you want…in style!

  3. Tanisha says:

    So happy that there are cuter bathing suits !! I can swim again thanks

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