The Skirt (Hijab-ista Review)

The solid-colored, flowy maxi skirt is a hijabi’s wardrobe staple if there ever was one. Versatile and modest as few other garments, it can worn to school or the grocery store, or dressed up for more formal occasions. So when the girls over at Hijab-ista suggested they’d send me their jersey high-waist maxi skirts alongside other products to try out, I was immediately down with the idea.

Not only do the skirts look really good; they’re the most comfortable things you’ll ever wear. Again, the material is light, pleated jersey, and the waist is elastic, making it difficult NOT to want to lounge around with them at ALL times. They also come in four different colors; I got sent the green and the grey. I had originally thought I would need a medium, but given the elastic waist and the flowy shape of the garments, someone my size may opt for a size small.

Below are two casual but quite different ways I styled the skirts on two occasions. The pictures unfortunately do not serve them justice, but you can be sure they will show up in plenty of other OOTDs moving forward as I simply love their appearance and feel. In the second set of pictures I’m wearing a gorgeous Hijab-ista scarf as well, which I will be reviewing alongside other scarves in a later post. It should be no secret, however, that I love it. You can find the products by clicking the direct links below the relevant picture.


Green scarf: Boohoo, grey scarf: Norway, fur: vintage, baggy owl sweater: New Look, skirt: Hijab-ista, accessories: Forever21, Icing, Ebay.


Scarf: Hijab-ista, faux fur: H&M, biker vest: River Island, denim shirt: Ebay, shirt: H&M, skirt: Hijab-ista, purse: Forever21, accessories: Boohoo, Forever21, Icing.

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6 thoughts on “The Skirt (Hijab-ista Review)

  1. Humaira Din says:

    Waow! Love this post. I totally love your blog and look forward to all my email update 🙂 Masha’Allah, well done 😀 Was wondering if you have an official email adress for inquiries about interviews? I’m a photojournalist/columnist and would love your feature 🙂 x

  2. Mahdia says:

    I do love a fur vest!

  3. zhijaab says:

    Love the way you wrapped up your green hijab, cool combo with the grey stripes.

  4. Selvinas says:

    Love the second scarf, cheerful and big!

  5. Anonymous says:

    i really love you u are my idol in every outfit iam from egypt iman u really rock !!

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