Faded Rose

A quick OOTD again; this time starring the you make me blush dress from Abaya Addict. The dress is one of two beautiful dresses and couple of quirky scarves sent to me by this Dubai based modest clothing company to review. I highly encourage you to check out their website for their full range of long sleeved maxi dresses and other sartorial goodness.


The dress really speaks for itself, but I will add the redundant.  The cut is elegant yet simple, making the garment really versatile. The material is stretchy, but unlike jersey, it doesn’t really cling. It also has a slight sheen to it that makes it appropriate for evening as well daytime wear. If you are somewhat curvy, you may want to order a medium as my small is a bit tight across the chest. Other than that, even the size small is a good length for my 5’6″.  You’ll definitely see me wearing this maxi again.


As an aside, I was really popular among Ann Arbor’s squirrels today. Whether they were taken aback by the gorgeous dress, recognized me as one of them because of my extra hairy faux fur vest, or just really enjoyed the smell of my green coffee bean latte (I despise black coffee, but green coffee is the best invention in the world after tea) is still a mystery but they kept following me and coming up to me to say hi.


Headscarf: Norway, pastel tribal neck scarf: Zara, extra hairy faux fur vest: Urban Outfitters, long-sleeved maxi dress: Abaya Addict, bag: Accessorize, embroidered cowboy boots: Boohoo, accessories: Ebay, Forever21, Urban Outfitters, ASOS.

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One thought on “Faded Rose

  1. i love this! 🙂 it looks so good with the bangles and brown bag 🙂 x

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