Instant Hijab

Just to let you know; I’m alive 🙂 I’ve had a great time traveling for the Fashion Fighting Famine show, a wedding, and preparing and performing the Hijabi Monologues at my university. The rest of the month will be no less busy; I shall let you know about that when we get closer. Please bear with my lack of posts while I attempt to catch up with school work before the semester ends.

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram – thanks to lovely YazTheSpaz and other bloggers, I decided to finally be active there. Here is some of what I posted on that account, revealing things to come here on my blog (expect a writeup of the Cali adventure, several reviews, as well as multiple ootds):


With the forever fabulous fellow activist and friend Raquel Evita in Chicago. We may disagree on some issues, but I respect and appreciate her a whole lot.


A section of my closet after cleaning it out for the Nth time to try to make room for my clothes.


Enjoying burritos in San Diego with the sweetest, funniest girls ever, YazTheSpaz and her sister Aysun (not in picture). More on my Cali adventures shall follow in a future post.


Some of the amazing fashionistas, designers, and bloggers attending the FFF Show.


Me, Yaz, and Yuna Zarai. Obviously, turbans were the thing that evening. And if you wonder just where I got the graphic top I paired with my tutu, check out Hijabi Wear on Facebook.


With my fabulous hijab-ista scarf. Get it here.


Love my crazy palm tree print multicolored pants. Oh, and I must say I absolutely adore the solid, lightweight maxi scarves from Mohajababes! I’ve been on the lookout for big enough plain scarves forever and ever as I’m boiling in my pashminas in the summer! Get it here.


This was my OOTD a few days ago. Annah Hariri has the most feminine modest dresses ever, and I can’t wait to post my review of this one. Get it here.


Last, but definitely not least, stay tuned for pictures and a video of my performance in the Hijabi Monologues this last week. I came prepared for the stage with my beautiful SixteenR scarf designed by Tunisian street artist El Seed. Empowerment? YES! Get it here.

Yalla guys, gotta go do what I should be doing: school work!

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4 thoughts on “Instant Hijab

  1. I love this post, and this photo of us! Thank you for the shout-out and for being a wonderful friend and beautiful free spirit!

  2. Tudung says:

    The one postshows lot of things from information to pictures. I like the above hijab pictures and love to create such design for my comming collection. However love you girls and keep it up.

  3. […] the way, this is the second time I wear these maxi scarves (see the purple one in this post), and I absolutely love them for their ultra light texture, huge size, and the fact that they come […]

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