California Love/Fashion Fighting Famine

One of the more memorable things I got to do this semester was visiting California last month as a special guest to the biggest Muslim fashion charity event in the US, Fashion Fighting Famine. Over a few days, I met and befriended some of the sweetest, most inspiring ladies in Muslim fashion, enjoyed some relatively comfortable weather, witnessed a flawless Muslim fashion show, and most importantly, got to meet some of my readers face to face for the very first time. I love you, guys. I really do ❤

Now since I never get the time to travel domestically as the big world outside keeps calling my name, this was my first time ever to the West Coast. Given that, I planned to stay for five days to have the chance to do some sightseeing. Braving a flight as long as the ones to Europe, I wore a Tupac fan shirt I had picked up days earlier – the only fan shirt I’d ever wear since he was awesome like that – to channel that California love (not really, I just loved the top and wanted to wear it asap). After several hours of flying, I was picked up by the sweetest FFF team member and taken to the hotel where I rested and prepared for what was to come.


The next day I would spend primarily with the awesome, gorgeous, and hilarious YazTheSpaz and Aysun (her sister).  We went to have awesome burritos and cupcakes in San Diego, in between Gomaa prayers, sightseeing, and seal petting, and I couldn’t have spent my day with two nicer people (miss you a lot, guys).



The time was then ripe for a dinner with the lovely Zamena and Anam from Hijab-ista, as well as makeup-guru and vlogger Nura (BabyLailaLov), her adorable little one, and sister. The evening and next day continued with more social activities, including lunches, dinners, and a karaoke hangout in LA(!), with the above mentioned girls in addition to Sana of ModHijabi and her sister Saman, as well as the elegant Neelab of Nisaa Boutique. Now I’ll leave it up to you all to guess which two of the above mentioned girls were the rappers of the group…


Also, did I mention that I was wearing a crinkle scarf that just wouldn’t stop growing. Scary.



(What I wore: Scarf: Egypt, leather jacket: Pitaya, long tunic tank: Urban Outfitters, printed pants: H&M, bag: Gina Tricot (Norway), sandals: New Look, accessories: ASOS, H&M, Zara).

The big day, with all the surprises Nida and Asmaa (the organizers) and their staff and volunteers so skillfully had put together was finally there. Not only did everybody look shiny, happy, and fabulous; the show itself was a seamless, beautiful production, and Yuna Zarai’s performance in the middle was worth attending for by itself. I got to catch up with volunteers, designers, and bloggers I had met over the days as well as new faces. Fellow Michigan blogger Winnie Detwa, as well as Babykhosh, and Amenakin from Pearl Daisy were some of the many stylish ladies in attendance, and I absolutely loved meeting up with the many designers, including Nancy Hoque of SixteenR as well as the Rayan and Annah Hariri girls. To shop the bazaar and just meet and greet the many fabulous West Coast ladies that came out for this unique event combining style and goodness was a blast, and I hope to see even more of you there next year, iA.




(What I wore: Zebra scarf: H&M, blazer: Vero Moda, statement tee: Hijabi Wear, maxi tutu: Ebay, bag and accessories: Gina Tricot, Ebay)


See some more pictures here.

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One thought on “California Love/Fashion Fighting Famine

  1. samia says:

    Salaam aleikoem..Love your blog and also your instagram  .. the style of your clothes is like i have never géén here in holland.. i was wondering if you know the ebay seller of your tutu skirt, my sister is gone get married and i really would like to wear a skirt like that inshaAllah and i cant’t find a skirt like that on ebay only short ones .. hope to hear from you soon Reply

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