Catch-up Spring

The weather is catching up with the season, while I’m catching up with remaining grading, schoolwork, and posting outfit pictures up on the blog. As such, this post and the next will contain two outfits each and minimal writing. I shall make it up by posting more wordy, interesting posts in the near future as soon as I turn in my research proposals, papers, and grades, iA, so keep checking in.


Scarf: Hijab-ista, biker vest: River Island, studded shirt: H&M, pleated shirt: Boohoo, black tank extender (these are great for the summer to avoid too many layers): Vous Etes Belle, pants: Urban Outfitters, bag: ASOS, shoes: H&M, accessories: River Island, Ebay


Scarf: Egypt, neck scarf: H&M, ethnic beaded and embellished vest: Zara, top: Gina Tricot (Norway), maxi skirt: Mango, bag: ASOS, sandals: New Look, accessories: ASOS, Ebay.

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