Channeling my Inner Khaleejiya (La Parisienne Abaya Review)

Why do you need this stunning La Parisienne designer abaya straight from Dubai, UAE? Because it is obviously amazing. And I say that as sincerely as I can; the day it arrived and I tried it on I just couldn’t get myself to take it off again right away and so I continued the events of that afternoon and evening in it. It is true that I don’t often wear abayas, but if my closet were to be filled with pieces like this, you would definitely see me wearing them weekly.

Fawziah Al Marzouqi is the gracious and creative lady behind the brand, who, in addition to selling her products in the two brand boutiques in Abaya Mall and Arabian Center in Dubai, takes online inquiries and orders! The product itself looks great and it feels even better. The base is made of luxurious material that is really smooth and airy, with snakeskin and lace fabric on the bodice. The wide, detatchable belt – also in snakeskin print – makes the abaya stand out from anything else I’ve seen, as it gives it kimono-esque finish. Also note the adorable Eiffel tower-shaped logo on the bottom front of the garment! Feast your eyes on this gorgeous piece and the beautiful photography of Langston Hues.










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6 thoughts on “Channeling my Inner Khaleejiya (La Parisienne Abaya Review)

  1. zerina says:

    I love the new styles.I think it look wonderful marshaallah

  2. Ňå Đã says:

    The new abaya style really awesome …..pretty always 🙂

  3. I am loving the abaya. We tried to be creative like that when I was younger with ours but that one is beautiful and so is your purse. I am in love with it.

  4. I am proud a Fashionista like you wore one of my abayas, I hope u liked it , you look gorgeous xoxo

  5. Laila says:

    Love the abaya! it’s so sos beautiful and as you if my wardrobe was filled with abayas like this one I would wear them every day!

    You look different in this “all balck look” but I love it! you look great on it!


  6. farrukhnawaz1122 says:

    very nice collection for muslim girls.

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