The “Ethnic” One

Don’t you love it when you wear an outfit put together with pieces solely from mainstream retail stores and some stranger points out that you’re wearing “traditional” or cultural dress just because one piece happens to be generically “ethnic” looking? Yeah. That happens to me a lot. People go all “miss, I just luuuuuuuve your traditional outfit… What culture is it from,” after which I usually respond with mild enjoyment “ooooh, my maxi skirt and top? They’re from Zara/River Island/Urban Outfitters” (whichever applies). Now that always seem to perplex them.

Today – aside from my roomie and main photographer’s graduation (masha’ Allah, congrats) – gifted me with one of the “excuse me, but I noticed you are wearing your ethnic dress and I just wanted to know where you’re from”-moments. In the grocery store, after being pursued around the fruit and vegetable section by an East Asian family trying to take pictures “discretely”, some couple stopped me and asked me that exact question. “Oh, ethnic dress? You mean my headscarf?,” I smiled in an overly sweet manner.

In any case, I did go on to tell them, and they apparently had had a bet. Guy lost out. Not only am I not wearing “ethnic dress, I’m also not Persian. 1 – 0 to me. When did Iranian ethnic dress look like this, anyway?


Oh, and today’s style tip: sometimes, a skinny belt can be too skinny, or it may come in a busy pattern you’d want to calm down. That’s when you want to wear multiple of them, like you see in this outfit (I wore two). This can also work when you have a belt that is too short or too wide. Buckle it up with another or two and you have an extra long belt that may or may fit better several times around your waist.


Scarf: H&M, “ethnic” silky tunic: Zara, pleated maxi skirt: Gina Tricot (Norway), clutch: Francesca, sandals: Forever 21, accessories: Urban Outfitters, Icing, ASOS, Boohoo.

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12 thoughts on “The “Ethnic” One

  1. Absolutely stunning! I am in love with that maxi! ❤

  2. aby says:

    do you have any tips of “How To Dress If You’re a Short Woman” for muslim? i kind scared if i wear skirt, it will make me more short ):

  3. Ňå Đã says:

    U go girl every time u look pretty … it 🙂

  4. Ha ha ha, “ethnic dress” – hilarious!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love your sense of style – the colors and patterns of what you wear are lovely!
    But I can’t help thinking that it would look much better (and be more Islamically appropriate) if you didn’t ‘overwrap’ your scarf. Your clothing is gorgeous enough – wrapping a hugemongous turban overdoes it. 🙂

  6. Nora says:

    Hey I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and i’ve been checking it everyday for new posts. I love your style, and it’s inspired me a lot. I’m a young hijabi who’s struggling to combine modesty with fashion, so thanks a lot !!! Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. maryam says:

    Love the whole outfit!! On a sidenote, am in love with the way you do your hijab like in this post…pls make a tutorial;)

  8. Sofia Natty says:

    Salaam sister,

    Do you have any tutorial on your turbans?
    I have a huge natural bump on my head, haven’t cut my hair in over 10years, and I do 2 kinds of turbans but not these ones… I wish I could do some more, even though i am afraid it will be too heave cuz just my hair is enough weight lol


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