Going Gaga over Hijab-ista

Just how much do I love Hijab-ista (and the awesome ladies behind the brand)?  Not only do they have an impressive selection of maxi, pashmina, and jersey scarves in all sorts of colors and prints; they’re also known for their uber-comfy pleated jersey maxi skirts, and they have some pretty smart cover-up pieces as well. I’ve received several different scarves to review, as well as neck covers, and skirts I’ve reviewed previously. If you follow my Instagram, you may already have spotted me wearing some of the hijabs.


Most these scarves are maxi size providing great coverage if desired; the middle and right row vertically are in the “traditional” light maxi scarf material, while the top left is a pashmina scarf and the bottom left is a jersey one (also maxi size).


Above to the left is the black Aztec Hijab, with bold, big patterns and shapes, running in a green, white, yellow, red, and black color scheme, while to the right is a more springy-summery tribal print hijab in pastel colors, the coral native print (this one is among my favorites cause it compliments my pale face so well).


Next up we have the grey tribal hijab, perfect with medium colored denim material (the print is busy though, so you want to keep the rest of the outfit fairly plain), and the fun, multicolored neon leopard scarf – I love this as well cause the combination of colors make me happy, although the base tone is not the best for my skin.. Pfff. Who cares about that anyway, when it looks this cool?


There’s the coral maxi jersey hijab, as well. Now being new to jersey scarves and a lover of humongous headscarves, I was mildly skeptical at first. It didn’t take me long to love it, however. There are just so many more things you can do with this scarf in terms of folding – because it is rather heavy, it tends to stay the way you pin it and so it allows for much more creativity. Lastly, we have the only pashmina shawl in the bunch, in a classy floral pattern. All in all, Hijab-ista’s products are great, and they’re always a pleasure to work with. Check them out!

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4 thoughts on “Going Gaga over Hijab-ista

  1. Selvinas says:

    I like the color of the upper-right one! Very cheerful!

  2. yusraa says:

    Would love a turban tutorial for the coral native print style x

  3. Anonymous says:

    omg you r awesome pls share tutorials,,love from turkey

  4. aurumeve says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! The colors are so vibrant 🙂
    AurumEve.com ~ Global Jewelry

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