Throwback, Sort of. Chicago with Raquel Evita

Raquel has been a supporter, friend, and sister-in-arms since the days of the original Hijablog, y’all; I’m talking about that brief blogging stint the summer and fall of 2008 (I did a post of her style back then)! We have only met twice in-person, but she is really my kind of girl, despite minor disagreements. In fact, we’re on twinnie-terms (the first time we hung out, everybody and their mother – excuse the outdated expression but it is quite apt here – thought we were sisters). Not only is she a die-hard activist, she also owns more bling than any other person I know (I mean, look at her hijab here – it should be pretty obvious). Simply put, Raqui is awesome, and she’s  always there to offer sisterly advice (thanks, chica!).

Below are some pictures from our much awaited second meeting in Chicago earlier this year (we actually tried to meet up last summer before one of my trips abroad, but it ended up being a big failure, taxi fares to nowhere, problematic phones, and confused airport staff thinking they were seeing double included). All in all this was an awesome day of shopping, dining, and discussing human rights and Muslim matters – the perfect balance of glitter and substance.





What Raquel is wearing: Scarf: NA Exclusive Abayas (custom made), coat: DKNY, top: Zeena, pants: Marshall’s, bag: Miu Miu, accessories: Michael Kors, India



What I’m wearing: scarf: Ebay, faux fur scarf: H&M, leather jacket: Pitaya, fringed lace kimono: Bikbok (Norway), sequin peplum top: New Look, batik skirt: River Island, purse: Forever21, accessories: ASOS, H&M



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