Scarves with Attitude

Here’s another delayed review. This time I’m trying on three different SixteenR scarves (check out their website here and their Facebook page here). Not only do their hijabs come in fun and different designs not to be found anywhere else on the market, the company is also built around a unique philosophy of empowerment and strength. Did I mention that SixteenR’s founder and designer, Nancy Hoque is a sweetheart who is involved in about every other creative Muslim project you will find out there, masha’ Allah?! I was lucky enough to get to spend some time with her during Fashion Fighting Famine in California some time back. Enough about that; let’s get down to business.


The favorite. What’s not to love about this multicolored lightweight hijab with Arabic calligraphy? I’ve already worn the El Seed-designed The Centuries scarf on stage as a turban while performing in the Hijabi Monologues, and it is bound to be worn again and again.


The fly one. I love the print of this El Seed-designed orange pashmina shawl. Since The Walls is a little narrow to do my regular scarf style with, I prefer to wear it as a turban or around my neck as seen in the picture (I think it looks cooler that way).


The conscious one. Although the Little Ripples scarf is my least favorite when it comes to the print (the organization’s logo), the size is better in my opinion (i.e. wider) than the other two. The best thing about this sturdy but soft light purple on deep purple pashmina hijab is that every scarf sold means one donated to Darfuri refugee teachers.

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