Layers, Layers, and More Layers

A very, very quick post as I gotta get packing for New York, DC, Oslo, and Spain (that’s right; I’m traveling for more than a month from tomorrow, and I didn’t even start putting stuff together). So basically, this outfit is as comfy and casual as it gets. It is built around the washed-out tribal Forever21 pants which supposedly are skinnies. Now I can’t stand true skinny jeans on myself and so whenever I see a print I like I get the absolutely largest size possible to ensure the coverage of pants with a slightly more normal fit (hijab tip, btw, as it doesn’t really matter how the pants fit on top since you cover it anyway).

Bas keddah. The way nicer-than-usual photos are the work of my very talented friend, Anushey Pervez. Find her on Instagram here.




Sometimes, just sometimes, it is a good idea to iron that scarf!




Scarf: Indiska (Norway), vest with chiffon layer: Pitaya, light denim shirt: Ebay, tunic top: Pitaya, tribal print jeans: Forever21, bag: Guess, pumps: Aldo, accessories: ASOS

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2 thoughts on “Layers, Layers, and More Layers

  1. Nivia Martinez says:

    You are the accessory queen. I really love your style ❤

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