Pretty, Pretty Covered Girl Scarves

When Covered Girl contacted me to do a review of their scarves, I was a little skeptical. Not because of their lack of beautiful products, no, but because their stuff is so elegant, so professional, and so classy it is not really me (not saying I’m not classy, I just have a preference for colorful, loud things). Oh, and I also like to have an oversized head. Which, you know, is not really achieved by normally sized silk chiffon scarves.

In any case, the prettiness was too overwhelming to resist, and I ended up choosing a silk and lace number from their signature collection (their self-designed ones) and a maxi leopard scarf from their picks to balance it out. I sort of regret I didn’t get more of their own design cause I ended up being positively surprised. Check out their website and Facebook page and see below for descriptions of the two scarves.


I had originally intended to give this cute scarf in stone colored silk chiffon and black lace away after finishing up my review as it is not a maxi size and otherwise too delicate for my regular style. Well, look at the pictures. Obviously I changed my mind. Whereas I thought the cold beige tone would not compliment my skin, it really did, and I do not have much to complain about in terms of volume either. This scarf is pure class, and probably one of the nicer you can come across. Check out more of their signature wraps here.


Then we have the Pretty in Pink leopard maxi scarf, which as the name suggests has pink in the shape of hearts printed over the base animal pattern. It is a regular material huge wrap, and it looks really good.

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3 thoughts on “Pretty, Pretty Covered Girl Scarves

  1. Must Have Boxes says:

    You are gorgeous! I love the scarves too.

    – KW

  2. budziak says:

    Have you thought of making your own? I just got into sewing and now I just want to make everything, haha. Those are great and your eyes REALLY pop, very beautiful!

  3. Bator says:

    You are gorgeous ! I love the way you tight the leopard scarf! Please can you tutorial for this . Fan from Sénégal

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