East meets Far East

If you are looking for something edgy and truly unique yet really modest, this Far East inspired The Abaya Company Abaya is the way to go. I chose this piece out of their fresh collection exactly because of this. It could be a hit or miss, I figured, as the bold tricolored “kimono” sleeves and the big, floral oriental embroidery on the back of the abaya and side of the sheila definitely makes it stand out of the crowd. Being no stranger to wearing unusual pieces and combinations, however, I was drawn to the less “safe” choice, and I must say I’m happy I did.


As mentioned, the cut is one of a wide kimono, with very wide sleeves that you attach with buttons around your wrists, accompanied by a mandarin-style collar. The abaya is in a very light material and open in the front, with buttons down to the upper legs. In terms of colors, the abaya is completely black with a broad white stripe covering the top of the sleeves, the shoulder, and the collar. The back, however, is really the masterpiece. Across the sleeves, you have the front white stripe as well as a grey one, before the abaya turns black. It is also here the big, orchid (?) Asian embroidery is located.


I really love this piece, as it is very different from most other things out there. The only issues I have with it is that one of the buttons came off the first time I put it on. This still did not affect the wearability of the piece too much. Also, because of time constraints due to my travels, I had the abaya sent to me without being tailored to my measurements. This is not recommended, as a size 60 abaya is huge on me. Fortunately, the company always tailors to fit, so you should not face the same issue. All in all, it is a bold, beautiful piece that I’d highly recommend.




All the beautiful pictures are taken by my very talented friend, Anushey Pervez. Find her on Instagram here.


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One thought on “East meets Far East

  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG where are those beautiful shoes from!

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