DC Days

I really enjoyed my brief time back in Washington DC, a city where I spent a summer back in 2010 doing a pretty fun internship before the route of academia had become clear to me. Not only did I eat well every meal for the entire time I was there (fancy Turkish/Mediterranean at Zaytinya, delish Mexican/El Salvadoran, yummy Ethiopian, and hearty Chinese), but I stayed comfortably as well (thanks, Zoha, for hosting me the last day <3), and saw wonderful friends (including girls I met at the FFF show and my lovely former boss in MBC, Nadia).


(Zoha and I outside Zaytinya, me looking slightly homeless at the Lincoln Memorial – I had to remove my shoes after a whole day of walking, my NYC elephant ring and the White House, screen with verses from holy texts at Dulles Intl’ Airport, Ethiopian delicious food, and me being excited about a blend of three juices at the same place)

DC is clean, chill, and full of interesting people, but the dress code is unsurprisingly much more muted there as opposed to NYC. I love the city as it reminds me slightly about Europe, but the weather is extremely humid, making life uncomfortable for hijabis at even moderate temperatures. I can’t believe I walked for a half hour to work everyday in that mess in the middle of the summer.


(This outfit is loose, casual, and suitable for sightseeing minus the shoes. I messed up my right foot severely after running around on them the whole day and thus had to wander barefoot around on the National Mall in the evening. What I’m wearing: scarf: H&M, neon kimono: H&M, neon and cream knitted top: Mango, acid wash dungarees: River Island, fringed ethnic embroidery bag: TJ Maxx, front zipper ankle boots: Aldo, accessories: Urban Outfitters, New York, Yemen).


(Unusual combinations make the best outfits. Here I’ve coupled a dressy jumpsuit with a casual, washed-out denim shirt, feathers, and neon details. What I’m wearing: scarf: Unique Hijabs, denim shirt: Forever21, jumpsuit/dungarees: Boohoo, oversized neon clutch: ASOS, studded ankle boots: RIver Island, accessories: Ebay, ASOS, Zara)

What is for sure is that I have to visit both DC and New York ASAP by myself. I didn’t even get to catch up with or visit a fraction of the people and places I know and love. Au revoir, America. See you in a month’s time.


(On the plane, ready to sleep until touchdown in Europe)



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2 thoughts on “DC Days

  1. Selvinas says:

    Like the jumpsuit look, reminds me a bit of those powerwomen!

  2. mrslucard says:

    The photos and outfits are lovely, of course, but I’m excited about this post because Zaytinya is one of my favorite restaurants!!

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