The Failed Artist

On my first day in Oslo, Norway actually leaving my mother’s place, I wasn’t really dressed great. Everything was casual and comfy – the shoes sort of had to be as I messed up my left one after several days of sightseeing by foot on bad heels. Pictures of my outfits were taken in a hurry with my cell phone before running to catch the tram, and one of the picture files was even damaged (note the line dividing one of the three pictures at the bottom). What I do have for you today, however, are two pieces of evidence of a time ten years back when I had both the time and patience to be creative beyond just dressing and getting made-up.


That’s right. In 2003 I was so bored, I painted these two pictures in the background here. The one to the left (which is actually the second of the two in order of creation) is in my gorgeous friend Sarah’s possession (also seen in the picture – haven’t seen homegirl for two whole years!), and the one to the right is at my mom’s place.

I’m pretty sure I could do much, much better now. Obviously, the lady’s eyebrows are crooked, and you all know how carefully I shape and even out my own at this point. Asymmetrical eyebrows – I’m not a fan.


Scarf: Egypt, ethnic beaded and embroidered vest: Zara (maaaan, I love this one), studded shirt: Boohoo, skull tee: Cubus (Norway), pants: Vero Moda, bag: Egypt, shoes: Club Aldo (Egypt)

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